The Stranglers - Rarities

The Stranglers - Rarities

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UK LP 1988 (Liberty - EMS 1306)

A1 Choosey Susie 3:15
A2 Peaches 4:07
A3 Mony Mony 3:04
A4 Mean To Me 2:02
A5 No More Heroes 2:58
A6 Walk On By 4:27
A7 Sverige 2:51
A8 N'emmenes Pas Harry 4:18
B1 Fools Rush Out 2:13
B2 Bear Cage 6:32
B3 Shah Shah A Go Go 5:21
B4 The Meninblack (Waiting For 'em) 3:36
B5 La Folie 3:48


UK CD 1988 (EMI - CDP 7 91072 2)

1 Choosey Susie 3:15
2 Peaches 4:07
3 Mony Mony (Celia & The Mutations) 3:04
4 Mean To Me (Celia & The Mutations) 2:02
5 No More Heroes 2:58
6 Walk On By 4:27
7 Sverige 2:51
8 N'emmenes Pas Harry 4:18
9 Fools Rush Out 2:13
10 Bear Cage 6:32
11 Shah Shah A Go Go 5:21
12 The Meninblack (Waiting For 'Em) 3:36
13 La Folie 3:48
14 Rok It To The Moon 2:48
15 Shut Up 1:08
16 Old Codger 2:51
17 Yellowcake UF 6 3:00
18 Vietnamerica 4:05
19 Love 30 3:55

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Compiled by Nik Yeomans
Project Co-ordinator Tim Chacksfield
Sleeve: Quick on the Draw

Additional Credits

'Choosey Susie': Originally a single given away with the first 10,000 copies of Rattus Norvegicus, 1977
'Peaches: Partially re-recorded version released as promo 7" for radio play only, released May 1977
'Mony Mony' and 'Mean to Me': Mony Mony 7" by Celia & The Mutations, released June 1977
'No More Heroes': Edited version released as promo 7" for radio play only, released September 1977
'Walk On By': Edited version released as promo 7" for radio play only, released July 1978
'Sverige: A-Side of Sverige (Jag Är Insnöad På Östfronten) 7", released 1978
'N'emmenes Pas Harry': A-Side of N'emmènes Pas Harry 7", released 1980
'Fools Rush Out: B-Side of Duchess 7", released August 1979
'Bear Cage' and 'Shah Shah A Go Go': Bear Cage / Shah Shah A Go Go 12", released March 1980
'The Meninblack (Waiting For 'Em): B-Side of Who Wants The World? 7", released May 1980
'La Folie': Edited version released as promo 7" for radio play only, released April 1982
'Rok It To The Moon: B-Side of 5 Minutes 7", released January 1978
'Shut Up': B-Side of Nice 'N' Sleazy 7", released April 1978
'Old Codger: Flipside of Walk On By / Old Codger / Tank 7", released July 1978
'Yellowcake UF 6': B-Side of Nuclear Device (The Wizard Of Aus) 7", released October 1979
'Vietnamerica': B-Side of Let Me Introduce You To The Family, released November 1981
'Love 30': B-Side of Golden Brown, released January 1982

Reviews & Opinions

RECORD COLLECTOR, 1988: EMI's last Stranglers compilation, 'Off The Beaten Track', concentrated mainly on singles B-sides. This shoddily packaged follow-up digs a bit deeper into the band's back catalogue with some interesting results. This time round the tracks are arranged in roughly chronological order. The earliest items are the 'Choosey Susie' freebie, the radio version of 'Peaches', both sides of the first Celia & The Mutations single and a promo edit of 'No More Heroes',. All of these appear on Side One, along with the Swedish language 'Sweden', a promo edit of 'Walk On By' and 'Don't Bring Harry' in French. As on 'Off The Beaten Track', the later material is inferior. A promo edit of 'La Folie' is joined by two B-sides and a couple of 12" mixes. All will be welcome to Stranglers completists on a budget, but I shan't be playing Side Two again in a hurry.

PUNKY GIBBON: One for the fans, maybe, but this still contains plenty of fine material, not all of it rare (there's B-Sides to top forty singles for crying out loud!). The CD version adds several extra tracks taken from Off The Beaten Track, which was never issued on that format. Ignore the Record Collector reviewer's opinion: the whole thing is great from start to finish.

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The Stranglers - Rarities - UK LP 1988 (Liberty - EMS 1306)The Stranglers - Rarities - UK LP 1988 (Liberty - EMS 1306)

UK LP 1988 (Liberty - EMS 1306). Click here for more

The Stranglers - Rarities - UK CD 1988 (EMI	- CDP 7 91072 2)The Stranglers - Rarities - UK CD 1988 (EMI	- CDP 7 91072 2)

UK CD 1988 (EMI - CDP 7 91072 2). Click here for more


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