The Stranglers - Rattus Britanicus

The Stranglers - Rattus Brittanicus

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Release Information

Italy CD 1991 (Lust For Live - LFL 071). Bootleg
UK CD 2001 (Impress - LVL 071 01 6)

1 Dead Ringer 2:41
2 Sometimes 4:20
3 Dagenham Dave 3:06
4 Hanging Around 4:15
5 Veins 3:59
6 Burning Up Time 2:27
7 Straighten Out 2:43
8 I Feel Like A Wog 3:16
9 Something Better Change 3:13
10 London Lady 2:13
11 Peaches 3:29

Chart Placings



Live in London 1978

Additional Credits

Hugh Cornwell - guitars and vocals
Jean Jacques Burnel - bass and vocals
Dave Greenfield - keyboards and vocals
Jet Black - drums

Reviews & Opinions

THE JASON SHERGOLD MUSIC COLLECTOR SITE: 'Britanicus' was sourced from a show at London’s Roundhouse in 1977. The band played there multiple times that year, and at least three shows were recorded, remaining in the vaults until selected tracks were chosen for 1979’s Live (X-Cert) album. 'Britanicus' detailed about 40 minutes worth of the show at the Roundhouse on November 6th, but as with so many bootlegs, the issue about how you could condense an 80 minute gig onto a 40 minute slab of vinyl was resolved by simply including 40 minutes worth of material from halfway through the show! So, it starts with a faded in 'Dead Ringer', and ends with 'Peaches'. Nothing on here had been officially available before, with the exception of “Dead Ringer” (which was unedited on 'Live (X-Cert)'). It’s a nice release, but with tapes of the entire show now doing the rounds online, it’s impressiveness has been dented a bit.

Additional Notes

Despite "Live In London 1978" credit, actually recorded on 6th November 1977. The London bit is correct though (The Roundhouse to be exact). Previously issued as Live At The Roundhouse and London Ladies. 'Dead Ringer' from this gig was used on Live (X Cert), although the version here misses off the start and fades in.


The Stranglers - Rattus Brittanicus - Italy CD 1991 (Lust For Live - LFL 071) The Stranglers - Rattus Brittanicus - Italy CD 1991 (Lust For Live - LFL 071)

Italy CD 1991 (Lust For Live - LFL 071). Click here for more

The Stranglers - Rattus Brittanicus - UK CD 2001 (Impress - LVL 071 01 6)

UK CD 2001 (Impress - LVL 071 01 6)


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