Pete Stride and John Plain - New Guitars In Town

Pete Stride and John Plain - New Guitars In Town

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UK LP 1980 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 17)

A1 Laugh At Me
A2 School Girls
A3 Cold Old Night
A4 He'll Have To Go
A5 Just Like A Clown
A6 Half The Time
B1 New Guitar In Town
B2 Cure For Love
B3 Restless Kind
B4 You Better Move On
B5 Pick Me Up

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Pete Stride - guitar, vocals
John Plain - guitar, vocals
Toyn Bateman - bass
Plug - vocals, harmonica
Mick Talbot - keyboards
Jack Black - drums

Produced by Pat Moran

Reviews & Opinions

IRA ROBBINS, TROUSER PRESS: New Guitars in Town starts off with a Spectoresque version of Sonny Bono's "Laugh at Me" (also recorded by Mott the Hoople) and gets better from there. Rather than a flashy collection of solos as the title suggests, the two stringleaders show off their singing and songwriting more than guitar pyrotechnics, which remain decidedly in the background. All in all, a delicious collection of rollicking pop-rock, played with spit and spirit."

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