Pete Stride and John Plain - New Guitars In Town

Pete Stride and John Plain - New Guitars In Town

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UK LP 1980 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 17)

A1 Laugh At Me
A2 School Girls
A3 Cold Old Night
A4 He'll Have To Go
A5 Just Like A Clown
A6 Half The Time
B1 New Guitar In Town
B2 Cure For Love
B3 Restless Kind
B4 You Better Move On
B5 Pick Me Up

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Pete Stride - Guitars, Vocals
John Plain - Guitars, Vocals
Tony Bateman - Bass, Vocals
Jack Black - Drums
Pete 'Plug' Edwards - Vocals, Harmonica
Howard Wall - Vocals
Mick Talbot - Keyboards

Produced by Pat Moran
Photographed by Peter Gravelle
Designed by Tony Scott and Malti Kidia

Backing vocals: Pete, John, Tony
Recorded at: Freerange, TW, Rockfield
Mixed at: Hillside
Photographs by: Bell Abrahams, Tony Bateman, Pete Stride, Les Chudzicki

Reviews & Opinions

IRA ROBBINS, TROUSER PRESS: New Guitars in Town starts off with a Spectoresque version of Sonny Bono's "Laugh at Me" (also recorded by Mott the Hoople) and gets better from there. Rather than a flashy collection of solos as the title suggests, the two stringleaders show off their singing and songwriting more than guitar pyrotechnics, which remain decidedly in the background. All in all, a delicious collection of rollicking pop-rock, played with spit and spirit.

PHIL SUTCLIFFE, SOUNDS, JUNE 1980: That's a somewhat bumptious title for a couple of blokes who used to hack the axe for the Lurkers and the Boys respectively, but the unlikely outcome is that they justify themselves to a degree. They've put together an enjoyable unpredictable sound comprising roughneck rhythm guitar in the old Johnny Ramone vein, big Spectorish atmospheres with upfront tambourines, cymbals and a pulsing piano, and unschooled London vocals mostly from the Lurkers former roadie Plug Edwards. The effect is roustabout pop with some all right new songs and fond reminiscences like Jim Reeves' 'He'll Have To Go' and Arthur Alexander's 'You Better Move On'. A Stride composition called ' Just Like A Clown' stands out as a single choice. I don't know what it's about but it sounds tough and good with the guitars in particularly fine fettle. They're working on a low-key version of oi-oi humour too - as in 'School Girls' where Plug is pleasing with the young nubiles to keep their distance. ***

Additional Notes

Reissued on CD as part of The Lurkers box set 5 Albums.


Pete Stride and John Plain - New Guitars In Town - UK LP 1980 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 17)Pete Stride and John Plain - New Guitars In Town - UK LP 1980 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 17)

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