Poly Styrene (Mari Elliot)

London, England, UK

Before X-Ray Spex, Poly Styrene recorded a solo single under her given name, Silly Billy, in a delightful reggae/ska style. Three months later, in July, on her 19th birthday, she saw the Sex Pistols at the Pier Pavilion in Hastings and formed X-Ray Spex. One album and several singles later X-Ray Spex split. After X-Ray Spex split in 1979, she signed with United Artists and released Translucence, a jazz-influenced funk record which sounded absolutely nothing like X-Ray Spex.

Poly Styrene - Talk In ToytownPoly Styrene - TranslucencePoly Styrene

After this she discovered religion (Hare Krishna) and didn't release another record until 1986's Gods & Godesses, which was followed by brief X-Ray Spex reunions in 1991 and 1995. She finally got around to recording her follow-up solo album in 2004, 'Flower Aeroplane' (self-described as "an eclectic mix of soothing transcendent sounds with a metal edge"). X-Ray Spex played one last show in 2008. Poly died of spinal and breast cancer on 25 April 2011.


Subsequent studio albums: Flower Aeroplane (2004), Generation Indigo (2011).

Singles / Albums

Mari Elliot (Poly Styrene) - Silly Billy Poly Styrene - Talk In Toytown Poly Styrene - Translucence Poly Styrene - Gods & Godesses  
Silly Billy
(7", by Mari Elliot, 1976)
Talk In Toytown
(7", 1980)
(LP, 1980)
Gods & Godesses (7"/12", 1986)  


X-Ray Spex / Poly Styrene - I Am A Cliche!        
I Am A Cliche!
(LP, split with X-Ray Spex, 2011)


Various Artists

Grrrl Power (A History Of Women In Popular Music) UK 3xCD 1997 (Dressed To Kill): Trick Of The Witch


X-RAY SPEX - Includes Poly tribute


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