Poly Styrene - Translucence

Poly Styrene - Translucence

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UK LP 1980 (United Artists - UAG 30320)

A1 Dreaming 3:47
A2 Talk In Toytown 3:22
A3 Skydive 4:09
A4 Day That Time Forgot 3:30
A5 Shades 3:19
A6 Essence 3:31
B1 Hip City Hip 3:01
B2 Bicycle Song 2:32
B3 Sub Tropical 3:05
B4 Translucence 3:11
B5 Age 3:11
B6 Goodbye 3:47


UK CD 1990 (Receiver - RRCD 128)

1 Dreaming 3:47
2 Talk In Toytown 3:22
3 Skydive 4:09
4 Day That Time Forgot 3:30
5 Shades 3:19
6 Essence 3:31
7 Hip City Hip 3:01
8 Bicycle Song 2:32
9 Sub Tropical 3:05
10 Translucence 3:11
11 Age 3:11
12 Goodbye 3:47

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Guitars: G.T. Moore and Richard Moore
Bass: Kuma Harada
Keyboards: Kevin McAlea
Saxophone and Flute: Ted Bunting
Drums: Richard Bailey
Percussion: Daryl Lee Que
Mix Engineer: Damian Kormer
Produced by Ted Bunting
Recorded at Matrix Studios
Cover Photography: Falcon Stuart
Design: Cooke Key

Reviews & Opinions

STEVE TAYLOR, SMASH HITS NOV 27-DEC 10, 1980: Remember punk? Well, this is the most radical change of direction yet by a member of the class of '77. Gently, sweetly, Poly sings about nothing in particular to a mellow sophisticated backing evidentially inspired by producer/saxist/flautist Ted Bunting. She dances airily to mild funk and reggae or sinks into warm psychedelic sluggishness, though two reflections on the cruelty of showbiz have a more personal edge. All in all, a forthright understatement. (7 out of 10).

TROUSER PRESS: Styrene always seemed one of punk's most dispossessed souls, so perhaps the solo album that followed the band's dissolution (which sent two members off to form Classix Nouveau) should be viewed as a last stab at finding some sense of place in musical terms. A feeling of alienation still prevails: Translucence is so smooth and coolly delivered that one could easily miss the dark side in the lyrics. Jazzy cocktail-hour backing combines with Styrene's childlike visions to make the music's effect most elusive.

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Poly Styrene - Translucence - UK LP 1980 (United Artists - UAG 30320)Poly Styrene - Translucence - UK LP 1980 (United Artists - UAG 30320)

UK LP 1980 (United Artists - UAG 30320). Click here for more

Poly Styrene - Translucence - UK CD 1990 (Receiver - RRCD 128)Poly Styrene - Translucence - UK CD 1990 (Receiver - RRCD 128)

UK CD 1990 (Receiver - RRCD 128). Click here for more


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