Subhumans / A-Heads - 14 Months To Go

Subhumans / A-Heads - 14 Months To Go

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UK Tape 1982 (Big Banana Products - BBP 002)

A1 Aheads - Hell Cell
A2 Aheads - Squatland
A3 Aheads - Juvenile Pose
A4 Aheads - Get Out Of Ulster
A5 Aheads - Dying Man
A6 Aheads - Isolated
A7 Aheads - Don't Wanna Go
A8 Aheads - Telepathy
A9 Aheads - Didn't Have The Nerve
A10 Aheads - No Rule
A11 No One Gives A Damn
B - anybody know the Subhumans' songs on this?

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Live in Swindon 14/5/82

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Scan from UK82 (thanks Hank), but a better scan would be GREATLY appreciated


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