Subhumans - Demolition War Parts I-III

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UK Tape 1981 (Bluurg Tapes - BLUURG 7)

Part 1: Old Bell, Warminster 9-12-80
A1 All Gone Dead
A2 Germ
A3 Zyklon-B-Movie
A4 Big Brother
A5 Human Error
Warminster Youth Centre 27-2-81
A6 Parasites
A7 It's Gonna Get Worse
A8 Drugs Of Youth
A9 So Much Money
A10 New Age
A11 First Aid
A12 Animal
A13 Nothing I Can Do
A14 Killing
A15 Trowbridge Park
Recorded Warminster Youth Centre 21-3-81
B1 Animal
B2 Society
B3 Minority
B4 Mickey Mouse Is Dead
B5 Sid
B6 Peroxide
B7 New Age
B8 Song No. 35
B9 Pisshead

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Dick - voice
Bruce - guitar
Grant - bass
Trotsky - drums

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