Subhumans - Everyday Live

Subhumans - Everyday Live

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Germany Tape 1985 (Musical Tragedies - MT-008)

A1 Apathy
A2 Gonna Get Worse
A3 Everyday Life
A4 Fade Away
A5 Big Brothers Here
A6 Cancer
A7 British Disease
A8 Evolution
A9 New Age
B1 Killings
B2 Straight Line Thinking
B3 Waste Of Breath
B4 Bomb Drops
B5 Zyklon B
B6 I Don't Wanna Die
B7 Human Error

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Recorded live in Darmstadt West Germany 25-9-85

Voice - Dick
Gtr + voice - Bruce
Bass - Grant
Drums - Trotsky

Thanks to Joe/Jan/Holgar + the friendly Frieburgers!

Recorded by Joe Raimond with the help of Volker Kilian and released with the permission of the Subhumans

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Subhumans - Everyday Live - Germany Tape 1985 (Musical Tragedies - MT-008)


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