Subhumans - Everyday Live

Subhumans - Everyday Live

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Germany Tape 1985 (Musical Tragedies - MT-008)

1 Apathy
2 Gonna Get Worse
3 Everyday Life
4 Fade Away
5 Big Brothers Here
6 Cancer
7 British Disease
8 Evolution
9 New Age
10 Killings
11 Straight Line Thinking
12 Waste Of Breath
13 Bomb Drops
14 Zyklon B
15 I Don't Wanna Die
16 Human Error

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Recorded live in Darmstadt West Germany 25-9-85

Dick - voice
Bruce - gtr + voice
Grant - bass
Trotsky - drums

Recorded by Joe Raimond with the help of Volker Kilian and released with the permission of the Subhumans

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TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #37, JULY 1986: A live recording from Germany in 1985, this one captures the power and spirit of the SUBHUMANS really well, as the sound quality is top-notch as is the performance.

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Subhumans - Everyday Live - Germany Tape 1985 (Musical Tragedies - MT-008)


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