Subhumans - USAT4 Live In San Francisco

Subhumans - USAT4 Live In San Francisco

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UK Tape 1984 (Bluurg Tapes - BLUURG 41)

A1 Its Gonna Get Worse
A2 Peroxide
A3 Walls Of Silence
A4 New Age
A5 Killing
A6 From The Cradle To The Grave
B1 Who's Gonna Fight In The 3rd World War
B2 Human Error
B3 I Don't Wanna Die
B4 Minority
B5 Mickey Mouse
B6 Drugs Of Youth
B7 Subvert City

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Recorded 24-4-84
San Francisco 'On Broadway'

This tape was the only listenable one from the whole tour - it was done through the PA and its too tinny - WHACK UP THE BASS!
Bluurg Tapes 'Music to play records to' (from liner notes)

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Subhumans - USAT4 Live In San Francisco


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