Television - The Blow Up

Television - The Blow Up

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US Tape 1982 (ROIR - A-114)

A1 The Blow-Up
A2 See No Evil
A3 Prove It
A4 Elevation
A5 I Don't Care
A6 Venus De Milo
A7 Foxhole
A8 Ain't That Nothin'
A9 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
B1 Little Johnny Jewel
B2 Friction
B3 Marquee Moon
B4 Satisfaction


France 2xLP 1990 (Danceteria - DANLP030)

A1 The Blow-Up 4:00
A2 See No Evil 3:22
A3 Prove It 5:00
A4 Elevation 4:50
A5 I Don't Care 3:04
B1 Venus De Milo 3:31
B2 Foxhole 5:04
B3 Ain't That Nothin' 6:13
B4 Knockin' On Heaven's Door 7:50
C1 Little Johnny Jewel 14:56
C2 Friction 5:01
D1 Marquee Moon 14:45
D2 Satisfaction 7:18


France 2xCD 1990 (Danceteria - DANCD030)

Part One
1 The Blow-Up 4:01
2 See No Evil 3:23
3 Prove It 5:00
4 Elevation 4:50
5 I Don't Care 3:05
6 Venus De Milo 3:32
7 Foxhole 5:05
8 Ain't That Nothin' 6:16
9 Knockin' On Heaven's Door 7:51
Part Two
1 Little Johnny Jewel 14:57
2 Friction 5:02
3 Marquee Moon 14:46
4 Satisfaction 7:18

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ROIR - A-114:

All material on this cassette was recorded live in 1978.
All tracks selected by Tom Verlaine.

Tom Verlaine – guitar, vocals
Richard Lloyd – guitar, backing vocals
Billy Ficca – drums
Fred Smith – bass, backing vocals

Executive Producer - Steve Ralbovsky
Track Compilation Engineer: Wayne Vican, Song Shop N.Y.C.
Liner Notes – Robert Christgau and John Piccarella
Cover Art – Peter Zaremba
Production Coordinator for ROIR - John Hanti
Concept – Neil Cooper

Reviews & Opinions

STEVE HUEY, ALL MUSIC GUIDE: Double live albums frequently come off as redundant and indulgent, but in the case of Television, The Blow-Up comes awfully close to being an essential document, simply because the band's studio albums didn't always capture the rawness and spontaneity that fueled their on-stage improvisations. Both of those qualities are present on The Blow-Up in abundance; the sound quality is not exactly pristine, but the performances, recorded in 1978 on what proved to be the band's final tour, are exciting and frequently breathtaking, capturing a side of the band that will enlighten anyone wondering how Television's intricate, layered sound was ever tagged "punk". Six songs from Marquee Moon and two from Adventure appear, plus covers of "Satisfaction," 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door,' and the 13th Floor Elevators' "Fire Engine" (here renamed as the album's title track). It's interesting to hear the shorter songs outside of a studio setting, but the album's real treasures are the second half's nearly 15-minute versions of 'Little Johnny Jewel' and 'Marquee Moon'" which are loaded with the improvisational fireworks that helped build Television's reputation. Anyone seeking a more complete, rounded picture of the band after digesting Marquee Moon should eventually find his way here.

Additional Notes

Also reissued on vinyl and CD in 1999 by ROIR (RUSLP 8249 / RUSCD 8249).


Television - The Blow Up - US Tape 1982 (ROIR - A-114)

US Tape 1982 (ROIR - A-114). Click here for more

Television - The Blow Up - France 2xLP 1990 (Danceteria - DANLP030)Television - The Blow Up - France 2xLP 1990 (Danceteria - DANLP030)

France 2xLP 1990 (Danceteria - DANLP030). Click here for more

Television - The Blow Up - France 2CD 1990 (Danceteria - DANCD030)Television - The Blow Up - France 2CD 1990 (Danceteria - DANCD030)

France 2xCD 1990 (Danceteria - DANCD030). Click here for more


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