U.K. Subs - Bremen 82

U.K. Subs ‎– Bremen 82

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France LP 2016 (French Connection - FC 01)

A1 Self Destruct
A2 War Of The Roses
A3 Police State
A4 Emotional Blackmail
A5 Holy Land
A6 Warhead
A7 Left For Dead
A8 Endangered Species
B1 Enemy Awaits
B2 Crash Course
B3 No Heart
B4 Tomorrow's Girl
B5 I Live In A Car
B6 C.I.D.
B7 Stranglehold
B8 New Barbarians

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Charlie Harper - vocals
Nick Garratt - guitar/vocals
Alvin Gibbs - bass/vocals
Kim Wylie - drums

Licensed from Alvin Gibbs
Limited edition of 500 copies

Recorded at the Beat Club television studios on Bremen, Germany, Autumn 1982

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These tracks also issued on the Deluxe Edition of Endangered Species.


U.K. Subs ‎– Bremen 82 - France LP 2016 (French Connection - FC 01)U.K. Subs ‎– Bremen 82 - France LP 2016 (French Connection - FC 01)

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