U.K. Subs - Magic

U.K. Subs - Magic

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Release Information

UK 12" 1984 (Fall Out/Scarlet - FALL 12 024)

A1 The Spell 3:52
A2 Private Army 3:45
B1 Multiple Minds 3:55
B2 Primary Strength 3:28

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Additional Credits

Charlie Harper - vocals
Captain Scarlet - guitar
Steve S. Jones - drums
Possibly Tezz Roberts or John Armitage - bass

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: The Subs go Goth. And my God they are bad at it. This hopelessly produced, abysmally misconceived effort is possibly the worst thing they ever did. Yech.

TIME AND MATTER: Twelve inch black vinyl only release featuring four turgid gothic tracks that had to be re-mixed three times. Captain Scarlet spent so long on the guitar overdubs that Charlie had only just enough time to record the vocals. The result was probably one of the least listenable Subs releases, which was way over budget and didn't sell.

Additional Notes

Credits and additional information from Time And Matter here.


U.K. Subs - Magic - UK 12" 1984 (Fall Out/Scarlet - FALL 12 024)U.K. Subs - Magic - UK 12" 1984 (Fall Out/Scarlet - FALL 12 024)

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