U.K. Subs - Raw Material

U.K. Subs - Raw Material

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UK LP 1986 (Killerwatt - KILP 2001)

1 Organised Crime 1:55
2 Bomb Factory 2:06
3 Dirty Girls 1:55
4 Waiting For The Man 2:06
5 Rat Race 1:54
6 Teenage 2:13
7 Warhead 2:40
8 Sensitive Boys 3:30
9 C.I.D. 1:42
10 Tomorrow's Girls 2:05
11 Left For Dead 1:20
12 She's Not There 1:35
13 Kicks 1:50
14 I Don't Need Your Love 1:55
15 Limo Life 3:37
16 Cocaine 1:51

Chart Placings



1: Underhill Studios 1979
2-3, 8, 10-11: Underhill Studios
4: Charlie Harper doesn't remember where this was recorded!
5: Alvic Studios 1980
6-7, 13: Alvic Studios
9: Live at the Rainbow 1980
12: Radio Session 1980
14: Lead Vocals Alvin Gibbs. No version of this song previously available
15-16: New York 1982

The U.K. SUBS appearing on this album are:-
On tracks recorded at Underhill Studios, London: Charlie Harper, Nicky Garratt, Steve Roberts & Alvin Gibbs.
On tracks recorded at Alvic Studios, London: Charlie Harper, Nicky Garratt, Pete Davies & Paul Slack.
On New York tracks - as Underhill + Mac

Reviews & Opinions

S. WELLS, NME, JULY 1986: 'Raw Material' is compiled from Groucho Harper's personal collection of out-takes and live recordings and is allegedly "representative" of the best of the UK Subs. It does not include a version of the minimalist masterpiece 'Live In A Car', an early song which suggested that the Subs had grasp of the finer qualities of both the Mekons and Wire - qualities which, if cultured, would perhaps have saved them from the pit of thrashing cliche into which they descended an of which this album is predominately representative.

Additional Notes

Previously issued as Demonstration Tapes and reissued many years later as The Punk Is Back. See Demonstration Tapes entry for more detailed information of recording dates.


U.K. Subs - Raw Material - UK LP 1986 (Killerwatt - KILP 2001) U.K. Subs - Raw Material - UK LP 1986 (Killerwatt - KILP 2001)

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