The Victims (New Jersey, New York)The Victims (New Jersey, New York)

Formed: Wayne, New Jersey, New York, USA

Regulars at Max's Kansas City, CBGB's, Club 57, Irving Plaza, and Copperfield's, The Victims were more garage punk (60's style) than proper punk, but they fielded enough of a Heartbreakers style sleaze sound to make them popular feature on the New York toilet circuit in the late 70's. They even supported supported Sid Vicious when he played upstairs at Max's in September 1978. Their recorded legacy was three singles and one LP, and their other claim to fame was that they were the only band other than the Misfits that Glenn Danzig released on his Plan 9 Records. Unfortunately, he later said he regretted it because, as he told Touch & Go magazine, Annette "really sucked", even though it doesn't. (Singer Rick Riley - or Richard Reilly depdnding on which source you use - actually played with the Misfits, on guitar, in October 1978, stepping in for Franché Coma, who had quit two shows before the end of a tour.)

The Victims split in 1979 after recording their one and only album, Real Wild Child.

Bassist Steve Berman then rehearsed with Cheetah Chrome (ex-Dead Boys) but nothing came of it, and released a solo single in 1980 under the name Brian & The Fear (Go To A Bullfight, Tu-Tu Records). Guitarist Barry Ryan later played with The Rockats, Lucky Seven and Gary Setzer.

Berman and Riley reformed The Victims in 2004.

Recording Lineup 1 (1977):

Vocals/Harmonica: Richard "Rick" Riley
Guitar/Vocals/Piano: Barry "Bee" Ryan
Bass: Steve Berman (pre-
Guitar/Vocals: Mike Girao (pre-The Whyos)
Drums: Peter London

Recorded: You Got The Magic 7".

Recording Lineup 2 (1978):

Vocals: Richard "Rick"Riley
Guitar: Barry "Bee" Ryan
Bass: Steve Berman
Drums: James Alexander

Recorded: Annette 7".

Recording Lineup 3 (1979):

Vocals/Harmonica: Richard "Rick"Riley
Guitar/Vocals: Barry "Bee" Ryan
Bass: Chris Day
Drums: M.T. Heart

Recorded: Real Wild Child 7" and LP.


Singles / Albums

The Victims - You Got The Magic Victims - Annette Victims - Real Wild Child 7" The Victims - Real Wild Child LP  
You Got The Magic
(7", 1977)
(7", 1978)
Real Wild Child
(7", 1979)
Real Wild Child
(LP, 1979)


Various Artists

Back To Front Vol. 1 Germany LP 1993 (Incognito): Nervous

Screaming Fists Volume 1 France LP 1996 (Anarchy International Productions): Annette / I Want Head

Outlaws In My Eye, USA! Italy CD 1997 (Cardiac Arrest): Annette

Killed By Death #17 Italy LP 1997 (Redrum): Annette

Bloodstains Across New York #1 - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 US CDR 2010 (Big One): Destination Undecided

Deviants Have More Fun (Punk Rarities 1977-'83) Belgium CD 2017 (Fab Fuhrer): I Want Head

Hyped To Death #4 : American Indie Punk "U To Z" 1977-85 US CDR ???? (Hyped To Death): Nothing Of My Own

Hyped To Death #22: US And Canadian LP Punk R-to-Z US CDR ???? (Hyped To Death): Nothing Of My Own




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