Various - Back To Sing For Free Again Soon

Various - Back To Sing For Free Again Soon

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UK Tape 1979 (Fuck Off - FUCK OFF 1)

Side Slightly Sanesville
A1 Dick Heley - Void Burstin
A2 Dick Heley - Photograph Of Feeling
A3 The Astronauts - Secret File
A4 The Astronauts - All Night Party
A5 The Astronauts - Back To Sing For Free
A6 Dick Heley & A Blankspace - Fantasy
A7 Anal Surgeons - Where's That Fag
A8 Dog Ends - Ain't No Free Unless It's Free
A9 Alternative TV - Terrified Of Dogs
Side Completely Crazytown
B1 Wilful Damage - You Hang At Midnight
B2 Wilful Damage - No-one Cares
B3 Wilful Damage - Fictitious
B4 Wilful Damage - Farewell To Innocence
B5 Danny And The Dressmakers - Ernie Bishop's Dead Body
B6 Danny And The Dressmakers - How Hot Is A Match
B7 Danny And The Dressmakers - John E. Be Good
B8 Danny And The Dressmakers - What The World Needs Now
B9 Danny And The Dressmakers - Whole Lotta Pinball
B10 Danny And The Dressmakers - Don't Make Another Bass Guitar
B11 Danny And The Dressmakers - Manchester United
B12 The Sell-Outs - Rock & Roll Koncert
B13 Seventh Angel - From A Sly Fox To A Pack Of Wolves
B14 Amazing Zeepee Silent Orchestra - No Kung Future
B15 Planet Gong - Psychedelic Man

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Limited edition of 5 million
Your number is: 0 0000

Some parts of this cassette are decidedly lo-fi (that means diabolical sound quality) although most of it aint too bad. We reckon if you like at least two of the bands, it aint a bad deal.

A1-A2: recorded in dicks front room on cassette
A3-A5: recorded live at warwick university december 1978
A6: four track rec.
A7: studio
A8: front room rec.
A9: yet another front-room recording
B1-B4: recorded live at Bolton Tech
B5-B7:live at deeply vale festival
B8-B11: Live at Manchester Poly
B12: Bolton
B13: Manchester Poly
B14: [no details given for this one]
B15:Live, somewhere in France

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