Various - The Best Of Limp (…Rest Of Limp)

Various - The Best Of Limp (…Rest Of Limp)

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US LP 1980 (Limp - 1004)

A1 Slickee Boys - Gotta Tell Me Why
A2 Nightman - Secrets
A3 D.Ceats - Go Back
A4 Slickee Boys - Question Of Temperature
A5 Nurses - Something To See
A6 D.Ceats - I Made A Mistake
B1 Tex Rubinowitz - Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache
B2 The Razz - Do Wah Diddy
B3 The Shirkers - Drunk And Disorderly
B4 Penetrators - Broken Promises
B5 Slickee Boys - I Love You
B6 Nurses - Viola D'Amour
B7 Bad Brains - Don't Bother Me

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