Various - Bits

Various - Bits (X-Cassettes)

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UK Tape 1981 (X-Cassettes - X005)

A1 Dig Dig Dig - 5.4 3:49
A2 English Subtitles - Dance 4:13
A3 The Sleepers - I Want To Escape 3:55
A4 Attrition - Fear 3:07
A5 The Lines - Cat Bug Jeep 6:07
A6 Tiny Holes - Walking On Air 2:15
A7 Sonderkommando - Movement 1:03
A8 Dogma Cats - Son 3:46
A9 Laurence/Shorthouse - Hiding Behind Me 2:38
B1 Between Pictures - Press Gang 3:39
B2 The Influence - Killing Time 2:05
B3 Sub Actives - Long Life 3:03
B4 Total Chaos - Russians 2:09
B5 The Controls - Late Night Love 1:59
B6 The Stills - Dummies 5:13
B7 July Nylon - Chaos 3:01
B8 Electralips - Life Is What Happens 2:08
B9 3 Way Dance - Questions 3:38
B10 Customer Service - Call Me Dynamic 3:01

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Compiled between April and October 81

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Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Three fun punk tracks (The Influence, the super-snotty Sub Active and Total Chaos); the rest is: scratchy guitar-driven post-punk (Judy Nylon, The Stills, Controls, Dig Dig Dig, English Subtitles, Dogma Cats), gloomy synth-driven post-punk (The Sleepers, Attrition, The Lines, Questions, Tiny Holes), bouncy synth-driven post-punk/pop (Between Pictures, Electrablips), fucking horrible art-synth weirdo shit (Laurence/Shorthouse, Customer Service) and spoken-word bollocks (Sonderkommando).

Additional Notes

Sixty-minute tape with information booklet. I'm pretty certain the images were sent by a member of the Controls (in which case, thank you), but if they're downloads from some web site, I apologise (write to me and I'll give proper credit).


Various - Bits - X-Cassettes X005)

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