Various - Bloodstains Across California

Various - Bloodstains Across California

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US LP 1993 (Bloodstains - BLOODSTAINS 02)

Side Ahhhhh
A1 Eddie And The Subtitles - American Society
A2 The Injections - Prison Walls
A3 Funeral - Waiting For The Bomb Blast
A4 Reign Of Terror - Don't Blame Me
A5 Silver Chalice - Wasted
A6 The Child Molesters - I'm Gonna Punch You In The Face
A7 Insults - Stiff Love
A8 Destry Hampton & The Wolves From Hell - Mean Boy
A9 The Vidiots - Laurie's Lament
Side Blaahhhhh
B1 Agent Orange - Bloodstains
B2 VKTMS - Midget
B3 The Maggots - Tammy Wynette
B4 Seizure - Cuties Wrong Now
B5 The Gears - Hard Rock
B6 The Plugz - Move It
B7 Controllers - Slow Boy
B8 Plain Jane & The Jokes - Class War
B9 Joneses - Criminals In My Car
B10 Chiefs - Tower 18
B11 The Dogs - John Rock

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Scando-Scumbag Productions

Additional Credits

A1: B-Side of Louie Louie 7", 1980
A2: A-Side of Prison Walls 7", 1980
A3: A-Side of Waiting For The Bomb Blast 7", 1981
A4: A-Side of Don't Blame Me 7", 1983
A5: A-Side of Wasted 7", 1979
A6: B-Side of (I Wanna See Some) Wholesale Murder 7", 1979
A7: From the A-Side of Stiff Love 7", 1979
A8: From the Angel Of Madness 7" EP, 1978
A9: From The Happy Squid Sampler compilation LP, 1980
Side Blaahhhhh
B1: A-Side of Bloodstains 7"", 1980
B2: From the VKTMS EP, 1979
B3: From the A-Side of Tammy Wynette 7", 1980
B4: A-Side of Cuties Wrong Now 7", 1978
B5: From Let's Go To The Beach 7", 1979
B6: A-Side of Move 7", 1978
B7: From the A-Side of Slow Boy 7", 1978
B8: From The Joke's On You LP, 1981
B9: B-Side of Jonestown 7", 1982
B10: From the B-Side of Blues 7", 1980
B11: A-Side of John Rock 7", 1976

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Additional Notes

Bootleg. There is also a CDR version with the same tracks/cat no.


Various - Bloodstains Across California - US LP 1993 (Bloodstains - BLOODSTAINS 02) Various - Bloodstains Across California - US LP 1993 (Bloodstains - BLOODSTAINS 02)

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