Various - Bloodstains Across Germany

Various - Bloodstains Across Germany

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US LP 1998 (no label - no cat no)

A1 Punkenstein - No School
A2 Napalm - Killer Rats
A3 Cretins - Samen Im Darm
A4 ZK - Schwarze Stiefel
A5 Big Balls & The Great White Idiot - Kick Her In The Dirt
A6 Phosphor - Schokoladenw├╝rger
A7 Artless - Donnerwetter
A8 Niveau Null - Schnulze
A9 Male - Planspiel
A10 Soilent Gr├╝n - Erwin
B1 Lennons - Fuck
B2 A 5 - Reeperbahn
B3 Hermann's Orgie - Wir Gehen Nach Berlin
B4 The Razors - Christ Child
B5 KFC - Kriminalpogo
B6 Remo Void - Toilet Love
B7 S.Y.P.H. - Moderne Romantik
B8 Marionetz - Wir Sind Die Marionetz
B9 Middle Class Fantasies - Party In Der Gaskammer
B10 Buttocks - Kreatur
B11 Pack - Come On

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Various - Bloodstains Across Germany - US LP 1998 (no label - no cat no)Various - Bloodstains Across Germany - US LP 1998 (no label - no cat no)


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