Various - Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland Vol. 2

Various - Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland Vol. 2

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UK LP 1998 (Bloodstains - no cat no)

A1 Protex - All I Wanna Do (Is Rock 'n' Roll)
A2 Zipps - Don't Tell The Detectives
A3 Tinopeners - Set Me Free
A4 Rudi - The Pressure's On (live on TV)
A5 Shock Treatment - Big Check Shirts
A6 Control Zone - Bloody Bouncers
A7 Stage B - Numbers (demo)
A8 Electro - Motive Forces - Mental Cases
A9 The Doubt - Contrast Disorder
B1 Detonators - Light At Your Window
B2 Tearjerkers - I'm So Sorry (demo)
B3 Dogmatic Element - Just Friends
B4 Control Zone - Johnny Johnny
B5 Family Of Noise - Young Rebel
B6 Victim - I Need You
B7 P45 - Teenage Love Song
B8 Peasants - I Can Help

Chart Placings



A1: (1979) A track from the American only release by Polydor Records of the 'Made In Britain' album from 1979.
A2: (1979) The flipside of their only release, a 7" on Rip-Off records.
A3: (1979) The Tinopeners only released one 7" as well, it was recorded by Rip-Off records but licensed to Logo.
A4: (1979) This rare track is taken from the Belfast edition of the TV programme 'Something Else' which screened on January 18 1980.
A5: (1981) Shock Treatment self-released this record on their D.A.B. records label
A6. B4: (1983) Both Control Zone tracks appeared on the 1983 [sic] skin compilation album "United Skins".
A7: (1978) Recorded June 4th 1979 at Outlet Studios
A8: (1982) From a four track EP on their own Surge records.
A9: (1980) They self-released this 7" ep on Solo Records.
B1: (1978) One of two Detonators tracks from the 1978 Rip-Off records compilation album "Belfast Rocks".
B2: (1980?) Recorded at the Radio Luxembourg studio for a 3-song ep on Mercury (unreleased).
B3: (1982) The B-side to the Dogmatic Element's debut single, released on their own Cattle Company label.
B5: (1982) This track comes from an unreleased 7" for Good Vibrations.
B6: (1979) B-side of Why Are Fire Engines Red" 7"
B7: (1982) P45's only vinyl release appeared on the "now in session" compilation album
B8: (1981) From a 4 track ep on Mud Wallace's Homestead label

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Bootleg. Black or green vinyl.


Various - Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland Vol. 2 - UK LP 1998 (Bloodstains - no cat no) Various - Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland Vol. 2 - UK LP 1998 (Bloodstains - no cat no)


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