Various - A Bunch Of Stiffs

Various - A Bunch Of Stiffs

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UK LP 1977 (Stiff - SEEZ 2)

A1 Nick Lowe - I Love My Label
A2 Wreckless Eric - Go The Whole Wide World
A3 Motorhead - White Line Fever
A4 Elvis Costello - Less Than Zero
A5 Magic Michael - Little By Little
A6 Graham Parker - Back To Schooldays
B1 Stones Masonry - Jump For Joy
B2 Jill Read - Maybe
B3 Dave Edmunds - Jo Jo Gunne
B4 The Tyla Gang - The Young Lords
B5 The Takeaways - Food

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Bob Irwin: Drums
Vox organ by Stan Shaw of the Crabs.
Produced by Nick Lowe

Guitar/bass: Nick Lowe
Drums: Steve Golding
Produced by Nick Lowe

Lemmy: bass, vocals
Eddie Clarke: guitar
Philip Taylor: drums
Produced by Lemmy/Motorhead
Original catalogue number BUY 9 but never released

Backing band: The Shamrocks
Produced by Nick Lowe

Backing band: session musicians
Produced by Nick Lowe

Martin Stone: Lead guitar
Will Stallibrass: Harmonica
Paul Bass: Bass
Bob Irwin: Drums
Produced by Nick Lowe

Cut in 1969 at Rockfield Studios
Backing band: Dave Edmunds
Produced by: Dave Edmunds

Backing band: Dave Edmunds
Produced by: Dave Edmunds

Sean Tyla: Guitar, ego, vocals
Bruce Melbourne: Guitar
Pete O'Sullivan: Bass
Michael Desmarais: Drums
Recorded at Rockfield Studios
Produced by Deke Leonard

Sean Tyla: Guitar
Larry Wallis: Guitar
Nick Lowe: Bass
Dave Edmunds: Drums
------ : Vocals (name withheld due to contractual commitment with major American company.)
Produced by Stan Francisco

Reviews & Opinions

MARK P, SNIFFIN' GLUE #9, April/May 1977: This album is waste of time. [read full review here]

Additional Notes

The Graham Parker song is not credited on the labels, inner sleeve or cover.


Various - A Bunch Of Stiffs - UK LP 1977 (Stiff - SEEZ 02)Various - A Bunch Of Stiffs - UK LP 1977 (Stiff - SEEZ 02)

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