Various - Busted At OZ

Various - Busted At OZ

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US LP 1981 (Autumn - AU-2)

A1 Naked Raygun - Bomb Shelter
A2 Naked Raygun - When The Screaming Stops
A3 Strike Under - Fucking Uniforms
A4 Subverts - March Forth
A5 Effigies - Quota
A6 DA - Fish Shit
A7 Silver Abuse - Anti-Hot Dog
A8 Silver Abuse - Pink Port Now
A9 Silver Abuse - Bomb Shelter
B1 Effigies - Guns Or Ballots
B2 Subverts - State Of The Union
B3 Naked Raygun - Paranoia
B4 Naked Raygun - Libido
B5 DA - The Killer
B6 Strike Under - Anarchy Song
B7 Silver Abuse - Jigaboo Jump


US CD 2009 (no label - 5196-CD-0112)

1 Naked Raygun - Bomb Shelter
2 Naked Raygun - When The Screaming Stops
3 Strike Under - Fucking Uniforms
4 Subverts - March Forth
5 Effigies - Quota
6 DA - Fish Shit
7 Silver Abuse - Anti-Hot Dog/Pink Port Now/Bomb Shelter
8 Effigies - Guns Or Ballots
9 Subverts - State Of The Union
10 Naked Raygun - Paranoia
11 Naked Raygun - Libido
12 DA - The Killer
13 Strike Under - Anarchy Song
14 Silver Abuse - Jigaboo Jump

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Recorded live at OZ, Chicago, March 9, 10, 11, 1981.
Album concept by: Dem Hopkins
Produced by: Timothy R. Powell, the bands, and Autumn Records
Recording facilities by: Metro Mobile
Engineered by: Timothy R. Powell
Mobile crew: John Groppi, George Kapoulas
Sound by: Jeff Pezzati
Back cover photo by: Larry L. Logman
All other photos by: Matt Prendergast for S.M.P. Studios
Special thanks to: Stacey Kmetyk, Gary Burrell, Bobby Vasquez, and Bill Morby

Naked Raygun:
Jim Colao, Santiago Durango , John Lundine, Jeff Pezzati, Marco Pezzati

Silver Abuse:
Paul Chabala, Bob Damrau, Camilo Gonzalez, Bill Meehan

Lorna Donley, Dawn Fisher, Gaylene Goudreau, David Thomas

Strike Under:
Chris Bjorklund, Steve Bjorklund, Bob Furem, Pierre Kezdy

Gregg Cress, Mike Crown, Brian Green, Steve Ross

Steve Economou, John Kezdy, Earl Letiecq, Paul Zamost

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Reissued on vinyl in 2011 by Permanent Records (PERM-022). The CD version comes in a completely different cover (scans appreciated, folks!).


Various - Busted At OZ - US LP 1981 (Autumn - AU-2)Various - Busted At OZ - US LP 1981 (Autumn - AU-2)

US LP 1981 (Autumn - AU-2). Click here for more


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