Various - Digging In Water

Digging In Water

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UK LP 1987 (Manic Ears / Children Of The Revolution - ACHE 3 / GURT 20)

A1 Disorder - Overproduction
A2 Chaos U.K. - Kill Your Baby
A3 Concrete Sox - Senile Fools
A4 Ripcord - Single Ticket To Hell
A5 Vicious Circle - Coconut Song
A6 CCM - Ultracore
A7 E.N.T. - Bullshit Propaganda
A8 Electro Hippies - Life
A9 Generic - Oldest Trick In The Book
B1 The Stupids - Slumber Party
B2 Depraved - Firing Line
B3 Bad Dress Sense - Truth
B4 Dr & The Crippens - Mr. Parkinson
B5 Civilised Society? - The Fairer Sex
B6 Eyes On You - Face The Facts
B7 Potential Threat - Miserable Bastards
B8 Oi Polloi - Pigs For Slaughter

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