Various - Distorted Rhythm 1

Various - Distorted Rhythm 1

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UK Tape 1984 (Distortion Tapes - 001)

A1 Chaos – Lost Saviors
A2 Chaos – Pain In My Brain
A3 Chaos – Vendetta
A4 Chaos – Chaos
A5 Chaos – Tribal Warfare
A6 Chaos – Harry Roberts
A7 16 Guns – Private 999
A8 16 Guns – 24 Hours
A9 16 Guns – Child Batterer
A10 16 Guns – You
B1 16 Guns – Saturday Night
B2 The Skrews – Skrew You
B3 The Skrews – Take Off Your Disguise
B4 The Skrews – ACAB
B5 The Skrews – Juvenile Delinquent
B6 The Skrews – Fight For A Future
B7 The Skrews – Times Up
B8 The Distorted – Laugh Or Cry
B9 The Distorted – High Rise
B10 The Distorted – Not You
B11 The Distorted – Desecrate
B12 The Distorted – Who Killed Norma Jean

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This tape has been brought to you by the makers of Distortion Fanzine. It was compiled on May 6th 84.

A1-A6 Recorded live at Feltham F.C. 9/9/83
A7-B1 [no recording details given]
B2-B7 Recorded live at Feltham F.C. 9/9/83
B8-B12 [no recording details given]

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