Various - Driven To Death

Driven To Death

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UK LP 1990 (Clay - CLAY LP 105)

A1 Discharge - Decontrol
A2 The Lurkers - Frankenstein Again
A3 English Dogs - Spoils Of War
A4 Discharge - State Violence State Control
A5 Abrasive Wheels - Sonic Omen
A6 GBH - Sick Boy
A7 English Dogs - Cranked Up Really High
A8 The Lurkers - Wolf At The Door
A9 Abrasive Wheels - Nineteen
A10 Discharge - The Price Of Silence
B1 GBH - No Survivors
B2 Abrasive Wheels - Law Of The Jungle
B3 Discharge - Never Again
B4 English Dogs - Psycho Killer
B5 The Lurkers - This Dirty Town
B6 GBH - Give Me Fire
B7 Abrasive Wheels - Black Leather Girl
B8 Discharge - Ain't No Feeble Bastard
B9 English Dogs - Driven To Death
B10 GBH - Necrophilia

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