Various - Empty Skulls

Various - Empty Skulls

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US Tape 1984 (Fartblossom Enterprizes - FBE-001)

A1 Outpatients - G.P.D.
A2 Outpatients - Balloon Head
A3 C.I.A. - Violence
A4 Out Of Order - Concerned
A5 Out Of Order - Suicide Lullaby
A6 Corrosion Of Conformity - Poison Planet
A7 Corrosion Of Conformity - Eye For An Eye
A8 No Labels - Not For Me
A9 No Labels - You Judge
A10 No Labels - Chance To Speak
A11 No Mercy - I've Got Brain Damage
A12 No Mercy - Off To War
A13 No Mercy - Thoughts Of Destruction
A14 Impact Unit - Nightstalker
A15 Impact Unit - Complain
A16 Impact Unit - My Friends-The Pit
A17 Primer Gray - Abortion
A18 Primer Gray - No School
A19 Against - Alive But Dying
A20 Against - The Injured
B1 Septic Death - Quit
B2 Septic Death - Mental Cancer
B3 Septic Death - Gore Story
B4 Septic Death - Control
B5 Stalag 13 - In Control
B6 Stalag 13 - Standing United
B7 Stalag 13 - Statistic
B8 No Direction - Untitled
B9 No Direction - Untitled
B10 No Direction - Untitled
B11 Rights Of The Accused - Fuckup
B12 Rights Of The Accused - In School
B13 Rights Of The Accused - Guns Of Youth
B14 Rights Of The Accused - Mean People Suck
B15 None Of The Above - Toy Soldiers
B16 None Of The Above - Propaganda Control
B17 None Of The Above - Disconnected
B18 None Of The Above - Moscow
B19 Electric Kool-Aid - Cow Tippin'
B20 Electric Kool-Aid - Living In Peoria
B21 Electric Kool-Aid - Spooky Song
B22 Real Enemy - No Patience
B23 Real Enemy - 1234 WSHC

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Creators: Justin Conlan & Tim Comiskey
Front & Booklet Artwork: Pushead

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Various - Empty Skulls - US Tape 1984 (Fartblossom Enterprizes - FBE-001)

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