Various - Empty Skulls

Various - Empty Skulls

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US Tape 1984 (Fartblossom Enterprizes - FBE-001)

A1 Outpatients - G.P.D.
A2 Outpatients - Balloon Head
A3 C.I.A. - Violence
A4 Out Of Order - Concerned
A5 Out Of Order - Suicide Lullaby
A6 Corrosion Of Conformity - Poison Planet
A7 Corrosion Of Conformity - Eye For An Eye
A8 No Labels - Not For Me
A9 No Labels - You Judge
A10 No Labels - Chance To Speak
A11 No Mercy - I've Got Brain Damage
A12 No Mercy - Off To War
A13 No Mercy - Thoughts Of Destruction
A14 Impact Unit - Nightstalker
A15 Impact Unit - Complain
A16 Impact Unit - My Friends-The Pit
A17 Primer Gray - Abortion
A18 Primer Gray - No School
A19 Against - Alive But Dying
A20 Against - The Injured
B1 Septic Death - Quit
B2 Septic Death - Mental Cancer
B3 Septic Death - Gore Story
B4 Septic Death - Control
B5 Stalag 13 - In Control
B6 Stalag 13 - Standing United
B7 Stalag 13 - Statistic
B8 No Direction - Untitled
B9 No Direction - Untitled
B10 No Direction - Untitled
B11 Rights Of The Accused - Fuckup
B12 Rights Of The Accused - In School
B13 Rights Of The Accused - Guns Of Youth
B14 Rights Of The Accused - Mean People Suck
B15 None Of The Above - Toy Soldiers
B16 None Of The Above - Propaganda Control
B17 None Of The Above - Disconnected
B18 None Of The Above - Moscow
B19 Electric Kool-Aid - Cow Tippin'
B20 Electric Kool-Aid - Living In Peoria
B21 Electric Kool-Aid - Spooky Song
B22 Real Enemy - No Patience
B23 Real Enemy - 1234 WSHC

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Creators: Justin Conlan & Tim Comiskey
Front & Booklet Artwork: Pushead

Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, APRIL 1984: You're probably already familiar with most of the sixteen bands collected here (including the OUTPATIENTS, N.O.T.A., NO LABELS, C.I.A., IMPACT UNIT, C.O.C., SEPTIC DEATH, R.O.T.A., and STALAG 13, among others). Each of them have donated two to four tracks which together add up to one fine tape.

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Various - Empty Skulls - US Tape 1984 (Fartblossom Enterprizes - FBE-001)

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