Various - Grevious Musical Harm

Various - Grevious Musical Harm

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UK Tape 1983 (XCentric Noise - XNT 5)

A1 Destructors - Electron Church
A2 Razor Blades - Evil But Innocent
A3 Protest - Patriot
A4 Upright Citizens - Swastika Rats
A5 Upright Citizens - Stormy Monday
A6 Poison Idea - M.I.A.
A7 Power Age - W.W III
A8 Malice - Birthright
A9 Malice - Blackout
A10 Plastick - Sarcasm
A11 The Neos - Typical
A12 The Neos - Conscripts
A13 The Neos - Violence
A14 Obscene Females - Brain Surgeon
A15 5° Braccio - Ricambio umano
A16 Rejestracja - Kontrola
A17 Poison Idea - All Right
A18 Poison Idea - Young Lord
A19 Panic Stricken - Bengal Famine
A20 Scapegoats - Get Blamed
A21 Scapegoats - I Hate Cops
A22 Upright Citizens - Now Or Never
B1 Power Age - Vengeance Of Youth
B2 Power Age - Occupazione
B3 Plastick - I Feel Like Batman
B4 Censur - Smutjarter
B5 Censur - Dalas
B6 Camera Silens - Reality
B7 Stoned Rayzens - Oppression
B8 Destructors - Nerve Gas
B9 Panic Stricken - Farm Of Death
B10 Razor Blades - Self Defense
B11 Razor Blades - I Wanna Live
B12 Razor Blades - Unite
B13 Obscene Females - Modern Art
B14 Dezerter - Untitled
B15 Dezerter - Fabrika
B16 Malice - Systems Crash
B17 Skunks - Violent Night

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Front sleeve 'Pushead' + 'Anne'

A1, B8: Destructors: Allen Adams: Bass. Dave Ivermere: Rhythm Guitar. Graham Butt: Lead. Andy McDonald: Drums. Neil Singleton: Vocals

A2, B10-B12: Razor Blades: Jonas: Vox. Gug: Guitar. Soren: Bass. Martin: Drums.

A4, A5, A22: Upright Citizens: Uli: Guitar. Mario: Drums. Crocker: Bass. Anton: Vocals + Guitar.

A6, A17-A18: Poison Idea: Jerry A. Vocals. Tom Pig. Guitar. Dean Johnson. Drums. Glenn Estes. Bass.

A7, B1, B2: Power Age: Spike: Mouth. Brett: Guitar. Midge: Bass. Robin 'Wildman' Rose: Stix....

A8, A9, B16: Malice: Rick: Guitar. Pete: Vocals. Mick: Drums. Marc: Bass.

A10, B3: Plastick: Dave 'Titch' Waters. Bass. Cookie. Vocals/Guitar. Phil Waters. Drums, 1st. Freshy. Drums, 1st. + ex member Shesk

A14, B13: Obscene Females: Grot. Vocals. Geoff. Guitar/Vocals. Chops. Bass. Pete. Drums. (Tracks recorded 16/2/83 at Fairview Hull.)

A15: 5° Braccio: Takkop: Guitar. Filippo: Bass. Orlando: Drums. Sergio: Voice
A19, B9: Panic Stricken: Paul: Vox. Sean: Guitar. JJ Decay: Bass. Beefy: Drums. Recorded at Street Life 17/2/83.

A20-A21: Scapegoats: Henning: Vocals. Ulf: Guitar. Helge: Bass. Thomas; Drums

B4-B5: Censur: Jugge: Bass + Guitar. Ake: Vocals. Christer: Drums.

Reviews & Opinions

PUSHEAD, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #9, OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 1983: 39 ferocious tracks of initiative and unlimited distinction. A delicious meal that needs no silverware to swallow this spectacular cranium-crunching ensemble of unrestrained activity. Featuring bands the globe over . . .Australia, South Africa, Italy, France, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, UK, USA, and more with battering-ram assaults by POISON IDEA, RAZAR BLADES, UPRIGHT CITIZENS, POWERAGE, DESTRUCTORS, 5° BRACCIO, and the intensity continues. Pick this one up quick. $4.

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