Various - Hard Core Or What

Various - Hard Core Or What

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UK Tape 1982 (Xcentric Noise - XNT 2)

A1 Data Kluss - Instro
A2 Born B.C. - Dear Jesus
A3 Olho Seco - Olho De Gato
A4 Olho Seco - Salario De Baixo
A5 Terveet Kadet - Nyt
A6 Blue Vomit - Animal
A7 Colera - Agora
A8 Huvudtvätt - Huvudtvaat
A9 Terveet Kadet - Min Halvan
A10 Terveet Kadet - Ei Ennaa Kuskaan
A11 Born B.C. - Nuclear Demon
A12 Olho Seco - Nada
A13 Probes - Told You So
A14 Blue Vomit - Pullman
A15 Condutores De Cadaver - Foram
A16 Chaos In Uppsala - Pissed In Uppsala
A17 Terveet Kädet - Kynasta
A18 Terveet Kädet - Joutikaa
B1 Electroshock - Publici Moves
B2 Born B.C. - Euthanasia
B3 ACXO - Astrofobia
B4 Terveet Kädet - Kaks
B5 Terveet Kädet - Mull
B6 Probes - Fear
B7 Ivan Siberia - I Wanna Be Your Dog
B8 Olho Seco - En Nao Sei
B9 Olho Seco - Castidie
B10 Data Kluss - IKluss Chaos
B11 Colera - Palperbrite
B12 Huvudtvätt - Stryk
B13 Huvudtvätt - Effertvatten
B14 Stoned Rayzens - It
B15 Blue Vomit - Problems
B16 Born B.C. - Propaganda

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"Punk" as music not politics

"Brazilian Punk"

Olho Seco (Eye Dry)
Vocals. Fábio
Bass. Val
Guitar. Redison
Drums. Val (Careca)

3 piece Band!

3 piece Band!

Condutores De Cadaver
4 piece (just broken up)

"Italian Punk"

Blue Vomit
4 members, 16, 17 + 18
Formed in '79.

Ivan Siberia
Rick - Guitar
Ivan - Vocals
Macho - Bass
Maurice - Drums
John - Guitar
Formed 79/80.

4 19 year olds from Rome. Italy

Stoned Rayzens
Welsh punk band
Vocals - Baz
Drums - Harvey
Guitar - Dean
Bass - Jim

Born B.C. (B.B.C.)
Hull punk band (want gigs.)
Vocals. Lee Potter
Guitar. Ranus
Bass. Ian Shilling
Drums. Greg Lion

"Scottish punk." Want gigs
Guitar. Dave McGuigan
Bass: Graham Russell
Drums: Rob Reid
Vocals: Alan Bryce

Terveet Kadet
Finlands hardest punk band

Data Kluss (Norway)
Harry (17) vocals
Olan (20) bass
Oystein (17) drums
Tracks were to have been on an Ep but fell through.

Huvudtvätt (Headcleaners) Sweden!
Single - (EP) out soon on "Malign Massacre"

Chaos In Uppsala (Sweden)
"Who you will remember from "Beat The Meat" wont ya.

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A certain Finnish band on this comp is spelled nere in two diferent ways: Terveet Kadet or Tyveet Kadet.


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