Various - Illegal Greatest Hits

Various - Illegal Greatest Hits

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Holland LP 1981 (Illegal - ILP 85330)

A1 The Fleshtones - Cold, Cold Shoes 2:37
A2 Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad 3:31
A3 Skafish - Disgracing The Family Name 3:29
A4 Patrick D. Martin - Computer Datin' 2:42
A5 Squeeze - Backtrack 2:19
A6 Payola$ - Jukebox 2:46
B1 Wall Of Voodoo - Can't Make Love 3:47
B2 Police - Fallout 2:01
B3 Chelsea - I'm On Fire 3:40
B4 Cramps - Uranium Rock 2:24
B5 Alternative TV - Action Time Vision 2:31
B6 Fashion - Sodium Pentathol Negative 1:52

Chart Placings



A1: Prod. Paul Wexler
A2: Prod. Jo Julian
A3: Prod. Jim Skafish
A4: Prod. Patrick D. Martin
A5: Prod. John Cale
A6: Prod. Bob Rock With Payola$
B1: Prod. Wall Of Voodoo
B2: Prod. Stewart Copeland & Bazza
B3: Prod. Chelsea & Wally Brill
B4: Prod. The Cramps
B5: Prod. ATV & Chris Grey
B6: Prod. Miki Cottrell

Design/Carl Grasso
Photography/Scott Lindgren

Additional Credits

A1: Taken from Up-Front 12", 1980
A2: Taken from Oingo Boingo 12", 1980 (also a single)
A3: Taken from A-Side of Disgracing The Family Name 7", 1979
A4: A-Side of Computer Datin' 7", 1980
A5: Taken from Packet Of Three 7" EP, 1977
A6: Taken from Introducing Payola$ 7"/12", 1980 (also a UK single)
B1: Taken from Wall Of Voodoo 12", 1980
B2: A-Side of Fallout 7", 1977
B3: Taken from Chelsea LP, 1979
B4: Previously unreleased
B5: Taken from The Image Has Cracked - The First Album By Alternative TV LP, 1978 (also a single)
B6: Taken from the B-Side of The Innocent 7", 1979

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Various - Illegal Greatest Hits - Holland LP 1981 (Illegal - ILP 85330)Various - Illegal Greatest Hits - Holland LP 1981 (Illegal - ILP 85330)

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