Various - It Came From The Pit

Various - It Came From The Pit

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Canada LP 1985 (Psyche Industry - PIR 05)

First Side
A1 S.C.U.M. - Exit Death
A2 My Dog Popper - Rock Stars Are Assholes
A3 My Dog Popper - Equal Time
A4 Enigmas - Teenage Barnacle
A5 Sudden Impact - To Our Glorious Dead
A6 Sudden Impact - Drunk Driving
A7 Entirely Distorted - Abstinence
A8 Count Down Zero - Count Down Zero
A9 Ruggedy Annes - Casual Design
Last Side
B1 S.N.F.U. - Poor Pitiful Me
B2 Problem Children - Thrashing With Your Parents
B3 League Of Dead Politicians - Mr. Profylactic Man
B4 Gassenhauer - Local Youths
B5 October Crisis - Everyday
B6 Stretch Marks - Old Man Understand
B7 Nomeansno - No Sex

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