Various - It Came From The Pit

Various - It Came From The Pit

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Canada LP 1985 (Psyche Industry - PIR 05)

First Side
A1 S.C.U.M. - Exit Death 2:37
A2 My Dog Popper - Rock Stars Are Assholes 1:41
A3 My Dog Popper - Equal Time 2:07
A4 Enigmas - Teenage Barnacle 3:45
A5 Sudden Impact - To Our Glorious Dead 1:55
A6 Sudden Impact - Drunk Driving 1:30
A7 Entirely Distorted - Abstinence 2:46
A8 Count Down Zero - Count Down Zero 2:05
A9 Ruggedy Annes - Casual Design 2:20
Last Side
B1 S.N.F.U. - Poor Pitiful Me 3:41
B2 Problem Children - Thrashing With Your Parents 2:00
B3 League Of Dead Politicians - Mr. Profylactic Man 3:08
B4 Gassenhauer - Local Youths 2:08
B5 October Crisis - Everyday 2:45
B6 Stretch Marks - Old Man Understand 2:45
B7 Nomeansno - No Sex 3:31

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Compiled by Psyche Industry
Produced by the Bangs themselves
Consistency Mix Studio Harmonié Montreal

Reviews & Opinions

DOGTOWNE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #33, FEBRUARY 1986: This excellent northern sampler has something for everyone. You expect great tracks from SNFU STRETCHMARKS, and NO MEANS NO, but this LP showcases other positive young bands like MY DOG POPPER, S.C.U.M., SUDDEN IMPACT, and the RUGGEDY ANNES. Entirely recommended.

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Various - It Came From The Pit - Canada LP 1985 (Psyche Industry - PIR 05)Various - It Came From The Pit - Canada LP 1985 (Psyche Industry - PIR 05)

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