Various - I've Got Those... Demo-Lition Blues!

Demo-Lition Blues!

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UK LP 1983 (Insane - INSANE LP1)

A1 The Deceased - Anok On Saturday Night
A2 Epidemic - Living A Lie
A3 The Secluded - Steal Cheat & Victimise
A4 Solvent Abuse - Last Salute
A5 The Drill - What The Fuck
A6 A Few Tears - All We Want
A7 Diabolists - Braindeath
A8 Obsessed - Dead End
A9 Youthanasia PX - Change
B1 Aborted - No Turning Back
B2 Picture Frame Seduction - Getcha Rocks Off
B3 Act Of Defiance - Nuclear Nightmare
B4 Seizure - We've Got Faults
B5 Social Outrage - They Make The Rules
B6 Devoid No Sense
B7 M.W.A.B. - I've Done A Dirt
B8 Mutilated Jelly - King Kong
B9 The Oppressed - Leave Me Alone

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UK Indie Hit: 7, 6 wks


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