Various - Just When You Thought It Was... Quiet!

Just When You Thought It Was... Quiet!

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UK LP 1982 (Quiet - QLP1)

A1 Knox - Goin' Uptown
A2 Sex Gang Children - State Of Mind
A3 Peyr - Blood
A4 The Troops - Troops Of Tomorrow
A5 Hanoi Rocks - Problem Child
A6 Mxyztplk - Rush Hour
B1 Half Japanese - Tracks Of My Tears
B2 Hëadhuntërs - Decline
B3 Urban Dogs - Cocaine
B4 Blurt - The Fish Needs A Bike
B5 Vonbrigdi - Gudfraedi
B6 Method Actors - Big Red Brain
B7 The Process - Other Queues

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