Various - Kitten Kompilation

Various - Kitten Kompilation

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US Tape 1982 (Reflex - Reflex C)

October 8, 1982
A1 Proud Crass Fools - Bad Moon
A2 Proud Crass Fools - Happy
A3 Propaganda - The War Ain't Over
A4 Propaganda - Go Ahead And Talk
A5 Propaganda - Personal Phone Call
A6 Exmo-6-Desmo - Boat People
7 Exmo-6-Desmo - Feel Her Face
A8 Exmo-6-Desmo - Hunger Strike
A9 Exmo-6-Desmo - Tooot
A10 Exmo-6-Desmo - The Old Bum
A11 Todlachen - Today's Lunch
A12 Todlachen - Reduced Lunch
A13 Todlachen - Idiots Within
A14 Todlachen - Parasite
A15 Todlachen - School Zone
A16 Rifle Sport - Keep On Walkin'
A17 Rifle Sport - Church
October 9, 1982
B1 Radio For Teens - Freak Show
B2 Radio For Teens - Citizen's Arrest
B3 Ground Zero - Institution
B4 Ground Zero - Simplistic
B5 Ground Zero - Bombed Out Bob
B6 Ground Zero - Why Grow Up
B7 Ground Zero - City News
B8 Ground Zero - Prejudice
B9 Ground Zero - Agitation
B10 Willful Neglect - Bobbin' On Wally
B11 Willful Neglect - Abort The Mission
B12 Willful Neglect - Outa My Mind
B13 Willful Neglect - Geeks
B14 Willful Neglect - Good Clean Fun
B15 Red Meat - Fire
B16 Red Meat - The Circle
B17 Man Sized Action - Only You
B18 Man Sized Action - Self-Respect
B19 Hüsker Dü - It's Not Fair

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