Various - Life Is A Joke

Various - Life Is A Joke

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Germany LP 1984 (Weird System - WS007)

A1 Fang - Red Threat 1:19
A2 Savage Circle - Dogs Of War 1:57
A3 Inocentes - Miseria E Fome 2:36
A4 Hysteria - Oblivion 4:08
A5 Civil Dissident - The Buck Stops Here 3:26
A6 Riot Squad S.A. - Capital Investment 2:10
A7 Razzia - Der Söldner 3:21
A8 Terveet Kädet - Sota (Endless Version) 0:43
A9 Shit S.A. - Fuckin' Shit 1:28
B1 Razzia - Enorm In Form (Manchmal Träum'Ich Vom Holzbein) 3:58
B2 Hysteria - Silent Hate 3:47
B3 Shit S.A. - Revive Tu Vida 1:46
B4 Fang - Fun With Acid (Ill Version) 2:16
B5 Inocentes - Aprendi A Odiar 0:58
B6 Savage Circle - Shark 4:31
B7 Terveet Kädet - Message 1:24
B8 Riot Squad S.A. - N.G.K. 2:20
B9 Civil Dissident - Mirror Of Deception 1:19

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Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #15: JULY 1984: Not one of the New Underground series, but a new international compilation on Germany's Weird System label. It contains two cuts each by RAZZIA, FANG, TERVEET KÄDET, RIOT SQUAD (South Africa), SAVAGE CIRCLE (Italy), SHIT S.A. (Spain), the INOCENTES, HYSTERIA (U.K.), and CIVIL DISSIDENT (Australia). The latter offer the most pleasant surprise--they're a brutal thrash outfit--but the whole record smokes.

Additional Notes

Subtitled: "A collection of Punk Rock, Hardcore and High Energy Noise from around this planet". On black vinyl, red marbled vinyl and green marbled vinyl. That's three different options, maths fans.


Various - Life Is A Joke - Germany LP 1984 (Weird System - WS007)Various - Life Is A Joke - Germany LP 1984 (Weird System - WS007)

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