Various - Los Angelinos - The Eastside Renaissance

Various - Los Angelinos - The Eastside Renaissance

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US LP 1983 (Zyanya/Rhino - RNLP 062)

A1 The Plugz - Achin'
A2 The BRAT - The Wolf
A3 Felix And The Katz - Boys And Girls
A4 The BRAT - High School
A5 Odd Squad - Moving Your Mouth
A6 Con Safos - C/S
B1 Thee Royal Gents - You Really Do Want My Love
B2 The Plugz - Electrify Me
B3 Califas - La Musica
B4 Thee Royal Gents - Lady Love
B5 Mestizo - What Am I Gonna Do
B6 Los Perros - El Corrido To End Barrio Warfare

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Concept/Compilation - Ruben Guevara
Liner Notes – David Reyes, Tom Waldman, Richard Foos
Placas (lettering) – Ruben Guevara
Assistance – Bob Wayne, David Starns, Marc Platt, Alan Seymour
Front Cover Mural – Willie Herron and Gronk (located at City Terrace Park - East Los Angeles)

Therese Covarrubias
Rudy Medina
Sid Medina
Mark Stewart
"The Wolf' was recorded in 1982 and mixed in October 1983 by Bobby Macias
"High School' was recorded in 1979 and produced by Tito Larriva
Assisting The BRAT on "The Wolf' is bassist Michael Rummens

The Plugz:
Tito Larriva - guitar/vocals
Chalo Quintana - drums
Barry McBride - bass
(Recorded in 1979)

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: One terrific punk band (The Plugz) in their heyday, and one average punky rock band (The BRAT). The rest is not punk or even new wave, and is a rather intriguing compilation of other L.A. bands which the compilers consider part of "the current Chicano Musical Resistance". According to the liner notes, Felix And the Katz offer "a blend of Latin Rhythms and 'New music' rock", Los Perros "specalise in the interpretation of Mexican Chicano and Latino Folkloric-protest social commentary", Mestizo "features a unique blend of R&B and Chicano Salsa", Califas "have been performing in the Southland since 1979, featuring a diverse repertoire ranging from Salsa Jazz to Ranchera", and so on.

Additional Notes

Credits for the non-punk bands not listed above.


Various - Los Angelinos - The Eastside Renaissance - US LP 1983 (Zyanya/Rhino - RNLP 062)Various - Los Angelinos - The Eastside Renaissance - US LP 1983 (Zyanya/Rhino - RNLP 062)

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