Various - The Master Tape Vol. 2

Various - The Master Tape Vol. 2

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US 2xLP 1983 (Affirmation - AFF-003)

A1 Violent Apathy - Society Rules
A2 Violent Apathy - Desperation Takes Hold
A3 Violent Apathy - Ignorance Is Bliss
A4 Malignant Growth - Hopeless
A5 Malignant Growth - Killing Time
A6 Malignant Growth - Tired Of Life
A7 Idiot Savants - Try & Get Out
A8 Idiot Savants - School's Prison
A9 Sand In The Face - Teenage Life
A10 Sand In The Face - I Wanna Be Dead
A11 Poison Center - Pencil Pusher
A12 Poison Center - Typical Chick
A13 Sacred Order - Hate Them Okay
A14 Sacred Order - I Just Do
B1 No Labels - Tortured Thought
B2 No Labels - Society's Problem
B3 Front Line - D.W.I.
B4 Front Line - Front Line
B5 End Result - Slash
B6 End Result - Children Die In Pain
B7 Repellents - Lash Out
B8 Repellents - New Image
B9 Repellents - My Motel
B10 Killing Children - Happy Mutants...
B11 Killing Children - Certain Death
C1 The Fetish - Surf Bandits
C2 The Fetish - Before Not After
C3 Mecht Mensch - Killer Klowns
C4 Mecht Mensch - What D'Ya Feel
C5 Gynecologists - Infant Doe
C6 Zero Boys - Black Network News
C7 Zero Boys - I Need Inergy
D1 Delinquents - Blind Patriots
D2 Delinquents - Under Age
D3 Delinquents - Death From Above
D4 Tar Babies - The Ocean
D5 Tar Babies - Triplets
D6 Wasted Talent - Junta Man
D7 Wasted Talent - Not Anymore
D8 Wasted Talent - Off To War
D9 Anti-Bodies - Gun Control
D10 Anti-Bodies - After Life
D11 Anti-Bodies - Seeds Of Destruction

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Front Cover by K. Davis + G. Bullock
Photo on Back Cover by Ed Funk
Photo on lable [sic] by Joy Norris
Much Thanks to T. Brickley + D. Langfitt

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Various - The Master Tape Vol. 2 - US 2xLP 1983 (Affirmation - AFF-003)Various - The Master Tape Vol. 2 - US 2xLP 1983 (Affirmation - AFF-003)

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