Various - A Midsummer Night's Boob!

A Midsummer Night's Boob!

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UK Tape 1984 (HAGL Tapes - no cat no)

A1 Icons - The Odds Are Against Tomorrow
A2 Faceache - Witch In The Chair
A3 Desolation - Civil Disobedience
A4 Uncle Bob - Standing Still
A5 Abstract Critique - Coriolanus
A6 Red Brigade - Runaway
A7 Devoid - Limited War
A8 Warploys - Soldier
A9 Desolation - Evil Science
A10 Abstract Critique - The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
A11 RAS - Rien A Signaler
B1 Devoid - Just For The Crack
B2 Faceache - Animal House
B3 Icons - Follow The Crowd
B4 Self Abuse - Let Me Outta Hell
B5 Political Asylum - Do They Care?
B6 Cult Maniax - Harry (live)
B7 Toxic Waste - Unite To Resist
B8 Political Asylum - The Slaughter
B9 Cult Maniax - Black Horse (live)
B10 Self Abuse - Strange Life
B11 RAS - Chasse A L'Hommme

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Abarcho punk compilation.


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