Various - Mystic Sampler #3

Mystic Sampler #3

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US LP 1986 (Mystic - MLP 33147)

A1 Partners In Crime - In The Darkness
A2 Government Issue - Dem Boots
A3 White Flag - Psycho Cop
A4 PTL Klub - Green Acres
A5 Ill Repute - Stop And Think
A6 The Mentors - Havin' Sickies Baby
B1 The Faction - I Decide For Me
B2 The Stain - Psychedelic Chameleon
B3 Agression - Insomnia
B4 Psycho - Hosebags From Hell
B5 Asbestos Rockpyle - Chaos In My Mind
B6 S.L.A. - D.A. Contempt Of Court
B7 Dr. Know - U.S.A.

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