Various - Mystic Sampler #3

Various - Mystic Sampler #3

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US LP 1986 (Mystic - MLP 33147)

A1 Partners In Crime - In The Darkness
A2 Government Issue - Dem Boots
A3 White Flag - Psycho Cop
A4 PTL Klub - Green Acres
A5 Ill Repute - Stop And Think
A6 The Mentors - Havin' Sickies Baby
B1 The Faction - I Decide For Me
B2 The Stain - Psychedelic Chameleon
B3 Agression - Insomnia
B4 Psycho - Hosebags From Hell
B5 Asbestos Rockpyle - Chaos In My Mind
B6 S.L.A. - D.A. Contempt Of Court
B7 Dr. Know - U.S.A.

Chart Placings



A1: From Clockwork Orange County LP
Perry: bass
Tony: drums, vocal
Rick: guitar
Law: vocals

A2: From Government Issue Live LP
Tom Lyle: on narley guitar
John Stabb: primal scream
Mark Albestadt: drums
Lenny Leonard: bass

A3: From White Flag "Live" LP
Pat Fear: guitar
Jello B. Afro: bass guitar
Tracy Element: drums
Al Bum: vocals

A4: From PTL Klub 13 Commandments
Chris: bass
Bob D: guitar
Ron D: drums
Dr Death: vocals

A5: From their next LP
Tony Cortez: lead guitar
Jim Callahan: bass
Carl Valdez: drums
John Phaneuf: lips

A6: From "Wurst Of The Mentors" LP
El Duce: drums, vox
Sickie Wife Beater: guitar
Dr. Heathen "Skum" Wezda: bass

B1: From Faction Epitaph LP
Ray Stevens: bass
Adam "Bomb" Segal: guitar, lead
Steve Caballero: guitar & boards
Craig Bosch: drums
Gavin O'Brien: vox

B2: From Stain LP "I Know The Scam!"
Mike Moore: guitar
John Stain: drums
Mark Wagner: bass
Jeff Kollman: guitar

B3: From their "Bootleg LP" N Y Live
Mark Hickey: vocals
Henry Knowles: guitar
Big Bob: bass
John Mitchell: drums

B4: From their LP "Psycho"
Mega: vocals
Johny X: guitar
Bill Normal: bass
Charlie Infection: drums

B5: From "The Savages Are Loose" DC comp
Paul R.W. Clark: vocals, guitar
Darryl Dardenne: drums
Mike Belle: bass

B6: From "The City Of Thorns" Oregon comp
Peter Nelson: vocals
Regan Lay: drums
Lyle Stillwell: bass
Derby O'Donald: guitar

B7: From " The Best Of Dr. Know" LP
Kyle Toucher: vocals, guitar
Fred Mataquin: lead
Ismael Hernandez: bass
Rik Heller: drums
Brandon Cruz: vocals

Engineer: Philip Raves
Assembled at DM Studios San Marcos CA
Layout: Ken Christensen

Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #40, SEPTEMBER 1986: Apparently Mystic does still consider these samplers necessary. Includes tracks from other recent Mystic releases by GOVERNMENT ISSUE, WHITE FLAG, PTL KLUB, ILL REPUTE, MENTORS, FACTION, AGRESSION and several samplers. Me, I'm unconvinced.

Additional Notes

White vinyl.


Various - Mystic Sampler #3 - US LP 1986 (Mystic - MLP 33147) Various - Mystic Sampler #3 - US LP 1986 (Mystic - MLP 33147)

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