Various - Party Pooping Punk Provocations! Volume 1

Party Pooping Punk Provocations!

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UK LP 1985 (XCentric Noise - DOZENTH 1)

A1 The Stupids - So Much Fun
A2 Samples - 1984
A3 Death Zone - He's A Killer
A4 Death Zone - Rot In Hell
A5 Quel Dommage - Fear Of God
A6 Self Abuse - Strange Life
A7 Mizuruble Bar Stuards - Help (Weirdo)
A8 Mizuruble Bar Stuards - Punk Is...
A9 Atrox - Protest with Action
B1 Self Abuse - Another Nightmare
B2 Protest - Patriot
B3 The Stupids - Taken Too Many (Remix)
B4 The Stupids - Waltz of the New Wavers
B5 Samples - Nobody Cares
B6 Anihilated - Book Of Death
B7 Quel Dommage - Instigator ('83)
B8 Atrox - Is This Tomorrow
B9 Protest - Third Generation

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