Various - Punk Lives! Let's Slam

Various - Punk Lives! Let's Slam

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UK LP 1986 (Slam - Slam 2)

A1 Anihilated - Inferno
A2 Stone the Crowz - Suffer Children
A3 Rattus - Naytelma
A4 Political Asylum - Cat's Eye
A5 Rabid - Bloody Road To Glory
A6 Poison Justice - Rebellious City
B1 Political Asylum - Flight Of Fancy
B2 The Throbs - Happy But Ignorant
B3 Poison Justice - Life To Its End
B4 Rabid - Black Cat
B5 Stone the Crowz - Friendship
B6 Anihilated - 40 Dumb Animals

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A terrible compilation full of awful heavy metal influenced hardcore bands, all characterised by a singular lack of vocal talent or songwriting ability. The best known group, Rattus, is probably also the best band on it. The worst tracks here are by Political Asylum and Poison Justice, which suffer some especially bad singing. Avoid!

Additional Notes

Reissued on CD as part of a twofer: Punk Lives Let's Slam.


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