Various - Raw War - The World Of Punk

Various - Raw War - The World Of Punk

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UK Tape 1983 (Xcentric Noise - XNT 4)

A1 Terveet Kädet - Instro
A2 Neos - Goodbye For Life
A3 Ovalteenys - Russian Stomp
A4 Rattus - Miks Haluat Tapella
A5 Cult Maniax - Cult Maniax
A6 Olho Seco - Isto E Olho Seco
A7 5° Braccio - Repressione
A8 Indigesti - Sguardo Realta' (Live)
A9 Terveet Kädet - Haistelijat
A10 Terveet Kädet - Pissaa + Paskaa
A11 S.I.B. - Secret Life
A12 Wannskraekk - Dog
A13 Nabat - Kill Police
A14 Stoned Rayzens - Kill The Dogs
A15 Rattus - Rumia Ruumiita
A16 N.Y. Ravers - Violence (Due To Environment)
A17 Neos - Life Sentence
A18 Neos - Don't Wanna Be A Soldier
B1 S.I.B. - No One Rules
B2 5° Braccio - Rabbia
B3 Cult Maniax - Critics
B4 Cult Maniax - Stop The World
B5 Chronic - Terror Squad
B6 Funeral Oration - Dead End Insight
B7 Admass - Garry Bushell Song
B8 Olho Seco - Sinto
B9 Olho Seco - Botas
B10 Sinx - War
B11 Ovalteenys - Ginger Topper
B12 N.Y. Ravers - Wanna Be Loved
B13 Cult Maniax - Road To Nowhere
B14 Rattus - Jarjetonta Vihaa
B15 Rattus - W.C. Rajahtaa

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PUSHEAD, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #5, MARCH/APRIL 1983: The best international sampler cassette available, with bands from Brazil, Canada, Finland, Holland, Italy, Norway, and U .K . Features TERVEET KADET, NEOS, OLHO SECO, INDIGESTI, RATTUS and more! A lot of jarring explosive doses of chaos from the world of punk.

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Various - Raw War - The World Of Punk - UK Tape 1983 (Xcentric Noise - XNT 4)Various - Raw War - The World Of Punk - UK Tape 1983 (Xcentric Noise - XNT 4)


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