Various - Really Fast Vol. 3

Various - Really Fast Vol. 3

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Sweden LP 1986 (Really Fast - Really Fast 4)

A1 Avskum - Century Of Darkness
A2 Avskum - How Far Can They Push Us
A3 Discard - One Day
A4 Discard - Fear
A5 Von Bøøm - Swerige
A6 Von Bøøm - Förintelsen
A7 Von Bøøm - Dödsfabrik
A8 DTR - Kungens Barn
A9 DTR - Religiösa Sekter
A10 DTR - Enat Folk
A11 S.S.S - If It's A Dream, It's A Nightmare
A12 S.S.S - Förortsliv
A13 Fear Of War - Fear Of Warsong
A14 Existenz - Justice For All
B1 Slam - Polischefsjazz
B2 Slam - Den Nödvändiga Operationen
B3 Disarm - Zombie
B4 Disarm - Va Dig Själv
B5 Dom Där - Schhh!
B6 Svart Parad - Krossa Porren
B7 Svart Parad - Sista Kriget
B8 The Bedrövlerz - It's Gonna Explode
B9 The Bedrövlerz - Our Statement
B10 Raped Teenagers - Pengar Till Vad
B11 Raped Teenagers - O.S.
B12 Raped Teenagers - Duvan
B13 Raped Teenagers - Barbbapappa & Ankan Kalle
B14 Pöbel Möbel - Lies In Paradise
B15 Pöbel Möbel - Bling Killer

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A1-A2 recorded at Rosa Studion in 1985
A8-A10 recorded at Bosse Sound
A11-A12 recorded August 7th, 1985
B3-B4 recorded at Night Studios, Göteborg, Winter 1984
B6-B7 recorded May 1985

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Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #41, OCTOBER 1986: Okay, this latest volume of raging thrash contains more of Sweden's finest. Included are AVSKUM. DISCARD, DTR, SSS, EXISTENZ, SLAM, DISARM BEDROVLERS, and many more. As with the other Really Fast comps, you get really fast thrash with the usual Swedish flair for hooks, though this one tends to be more straight noise thrash.

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