Various - Really Fast Vol. 3

Various - Really Fast Vol. 3

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Sweden LP 1986 (Really Fast - Really Fast 4)

A1 Avskum - Century Of Darkness
A2 Avskum - How Far Can They Push Us
A3 Discard - One Day
A4 Discard - Fear
A5 Von Bøøm - Swerige
A6 Von Bøøm - Förintelsen
A7 Von Bøøm - Dödsfabrik
A8 DTR - Kungens Barn
A9 DTR - Religiösa Sekter
A10 DTR - Enat Folk
A11 S.S.S - If It's A Dream, It's A Nightmare
A12 S.S.S - Förortsliv
A13 Fear Of War - Fear Of Warsong
A14 Existenz - Justice For All
B1 Slam - Polischefsjazz
B2 Slam - Den Nödvändiga Operationen
B3 Disarm - Zombie
B4 Disarm - Va Dig Själv
B5 Dom Där - Schhh!
B6 Svart Parad - Krossa Porren
B7 Svart Parad - Sista Kriget
B8 The Bedrövlerz - It's Gonna Explode
B9 The Bedrövlerz - Our Statement
B10 Raped Teenagers - Pengar Till Vad
B11 Raped Teenagers - O.S.
B12 Raped Teenagers - Duvan
B13 Raped Teenagers - Barbbapappa & Ankan Kalle
B14 Pöbel Möbel - Lies In Paradise
B15 Pöbel Möbel - Bling Killer

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A1-A2 recorded at Rosa Studion in 1985
A8-A10 recorded at Bosse Sound
A11-A12 recorded August 7th, 1985
B3-B4 recorded at Night Studios, Göteborg, Winter 1984
B6-B7 recorded May 1985

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