Various - Rock Against Bush, Vol 1

Rock Against Bush, Vol 1

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US CD+DVD 2004 (Fat Wreck Chords - FAT 675-2)

CD-1 None More Black - Nothing To Do When You're Locked In A Vacancy 2:07
CD-2 Sum 41 - Moron 1:39
CD-3 Alkaline Trio - Warbrain 2:27
CD-4 Epoxies - Need More Time 2:29
CD-5 Anti-Flag - The School Of Assasins 2:37
CD-6 Against Me! - Sink, Florida, Sink (Electric) 2:10
CD-7 The Offspring - Baghdad 3:18
CD-8 The Get Up Kids - Lion And The Lamb 3:22
CD-9 Rise Against - Give It All 2:49
CD-10 Ministry - No W 3:13
CD-11 Descendents - Sad State Of Affairs 2:35
CD-12 Authority Zero - Revolution 2:23
CD-13 The Soviettes - ¡Paranoia! Cha-Cha-Cha 2:04
CD-14 Jello Biafra With D.O.A. - That's Progress 3:14
CD-15 RX Bandits - Overcome (The Recapitulation) 3:43
CD-16 Strung Out - No Voice Of Mine 2:30
CD-17 Strike Anywhere - To The World 3:21
CD-18 The Ataris - Heaven Is Falling 2:38
CD-19 Pennywise - God Save The USA 3:06
CD-20 Denali - Normal Days 3:25
CD-21 The World/Inferno Friendship Society - The Expatriate Act 3:02
CD-22 New Found Glory - No News Is Good News 2:58
CD-23 The Frisk - Basket Of Snakes 2:31
CD-24 NOFX - Jaw, Knee, Music 2:31
CD-25 Social Distortion - It's The Law 2:35
CD-26 Less Than Jake Featuring Billy Bragg - The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out 2:04
DVD-1 Uncovered 11:40
DVD-2.1 Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War 11:40
DVD-2.3 No More Enrons 10:04
DVD-2.4.1 Child's Pay 0:31
DVD-2.4.2 What Are We Teaching Our Children? 0:30
DVD-2.4.3 If Parents Acted Like Bush 0:34
DVD-2.4.4 What I Been Up To .... 0:31
DVD-2.4.5 Bring It On 0:28
DVD-3.1 Anti-Flag - Turncoat 2:30
DVD-3.2 Bad Religion - Sorrow 3:22
DVD-3.3 Strike Anywhere - Infrared 3:28
DVD-3.4 NOFX - Franco Un-American 2:26
DVD-4 David Cross - Untitled 8:28

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Urban Dictionary: "One of the stupidest record marketing ideas ever. This is basically a two-volume load of liberal bullshit filled with punk-rock bands like Anti-Flag (hmmm...sounds appropriate for this kind of message), The Offspring, None More Black, and Social Distortion. If you hate George W. Bush, have no actual morals, and love to be manipulated by today's pop culture, then this CD is for you! Rock Against Bush; what better way to poison the minds of these teenagers and punk-rock wannabes than through their own music!"

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