Various - SF Underground

Various - SF Underground

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US 7" 1979 (Subterranean - SUB 01)

A1 No Alternative - Johnny Got His Gun 2:40
A2 Flipper - Earthworm 3:00
B1 The Tools - Asexuality In The 80's
B2 VKTMS - Ballad Of Pincushion Smith 2:40

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A1 No Alternative:
John "Genocide" Patterson: lead vocal, guitar
Jeff Rees: bass, backing vocal
Andy Freel: drums
Drums on "Johnny Got His Gun": Bobby Barrage
Photo by Bill Carey

A2 Flipper:
Recorded LIVE at PoLite Productions
Ted Falconi: guitar
Will Shatter: bass
Bruce Loose: vocals
Steve DePace: drums
Photo by David Feldman. Processed by Ted Falconi

B1 Tools:
Michael Fox: guitar
Mike Weber: vocals
John Anderson bass
Greg Baker: drums

Nyna: vocals
Steve: bass
Lou: drums
Jay: guitar
Photo by Robert Herzstein

Produced by Michael Fox at Sauna Studios, Richmond, CA, & at PoLite Productions, El Cerrito, Ca.
Engineering assistance: Randy Rude.
Grafix & layout: Steve Tupper & Kathy Hatch.
Cover photo (at the Deaf Club) & label photos (at Mabuhay Gardens): Stephano Paolillo.

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Various - SF Underground - US 7" 1979 (Subterranean - SUB 01)Various - SF Underground - US 7" 1979 (Subterranean - SUB 01)

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