Various - Sharp Cuts - New Music From American Bands

Various - Sharp Cuts - New Music From American Bands

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US LP 1980 (Planet - P-6)
UK LP 1980 (Planet - K 2222)

1 Single Bullet Theory - Keep It Tight 3:19
2 Billy Thermal - I'm Gonna Follow You 2:50
3 Bates Motel - Live Among The Dancers 3:24
4 Peter Dayton - Last Supper 4:16
5 The Alley Cats - Black Haired Girl 2:08
6 The Know - I Like Girls 2:07
7 The Willys - She's Illegal 3:43
8 The Fast - Kids Just Wanna Dance 3:44
9 The dB's - Soul Kiss 2:18
10 Suburban Lawns - Unable 1:23

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Executive Producer: Richard Perry
LP Produced for release by the Planet Group; Michael Barackman, Michael Solomon and Gabe Veltri

Primary recording and engineering by Gabe Veltri
Assistant Engineers: Jim K├╝enzi, John Brady
Recorded at California Recording, Ca.; Electric Lady, N.Y.; Intermedia Sound, Mass.; El Dorado, Ca.; Zeami, N.Y.; No Evil Multimedia, Washington D.C.; Studio 55, Los Angeles, Ca.

Thanks to Joan Myers and Glenn Morrow

1 Single Bullet Theory
Michael Maurice Garrett - lead vocal, sax
Gary Alan Holmes - guitar, vocals
Mark Lewis - guitar, piano, vocals
Frank Daniel - bass, organ
Dennis Madigan - drums
Produced by Malcolm Peplow and the Planet Group

2 Billy Thermal
Craig Hull - guitars
Efren Espinosa - drums
Bob Carlisle - bass, vocals
Billy Steinberg - lead vocal
Produced by Craig Hull and Billy Steinberg

3 Bates Motel
Leslie Bohem - bass, vocals
Bob Haag - guitar, lead vocals
Dave "the Rave" Draves - guitar, vocals
David Kendrick - drums
Produced by Bob Haag, Leslie Bohem, and the Planet Group

4 Peter Dayton
Peter Dayton - guitar, lead vocal
Kip Korea - bass
Willie Cooper - mini moog
Steve Rabbitt - drums
Produced by Ric Ocasek

5 The Alley Cats
Randy Stodola - guitar, vocals
Dianne Chai - bass, lead vocal
John McCarthy - drums
Produced by Dan Phillips and David Scott for Deep Sleep Productions

6 The Know
Gary Valentine - guitar, lead vocal
Richard D'Andrea - bass, vocals
John McGardey - drums, vocals
Produced by Greg Penny and The Know

7 The Willys
Chas. Duncan - guitar, lead vocals
Stevo - keyboards, vocals
Marten Ingle - bass, vocals
Kyle C. Kyle - drums
Produced by the Willys with Robbie Kreiger

8 The Fast
Miki Zone - guitar, vocals
Paul Zone - lead vocal
Louis Brian Bova - bass, vocals
Joe Poliseno - drums
Produced by Ric Ocasek

9 The dB's
Chris Stamey - guitars, lead vocals
Peter Holsapple - keyboards, vocals
Gene Holder - bass
Will Rigby - drums
Produced by the dB's with Alan Betrock

10 Suburban Lawns
Frankie Ennui - guitar
Chuck Roast - drums
Su Tissue - lead vocal
Vex Billingsgate - bass
John McBurney - guitar
Produced by the Planet Group

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Various - Sharp Cuts - New Music From American Bands - US LP 1980 (Planet - P-6)Various - Sharp Cuts - New Music From American Bands - US LP 1980 (Planet - P-6)

US LP 1980 (Planet - P-6). Click here for more

Various - Sharp Cuts - New Music From American Bands - UK LP 1980 (Planet - K 2222) Various - Sharp Cuts - New Music From American Bands - UK LP 1980 (Planet - K 2222)

UK LP 1980 (Planet - K 2222). Click here for more


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