Various - Stiff Sounds - Can't Start Dancin'

Various - Stiff Sounds - Can't Start Dancin'

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UK LP 1978 (Stiff/Sounds - SOUNDS 3)

A1 Ian Dury - Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll
A2 Ian Dury - Razzle In My Pocket
A3 Mickey Jupp - Making Friends
A4 Mickey Jupp - You Made A Fool Out Of Me
A5 Jona Lewie - Denny Laine's Valet
A6 Jona Lewie - I'll Get By In Pittsburgh
A7 Wreckless Eric - Semaphore Signals
B1 Wreckless Eric - I Wish It Would Rain
B2 Rachel Sweet - I'll Watch the News
B3 Rachel Sweet - Cuckoo Clock
B4 Lene Lovich - Monkey Talk
B5 Lene Lovich - Momentary Breakdown
B6 The Rumour - All Fall Down
B7 The Rumour - Loving You Is Far Too Easy

Chart Placings



A3 Produced by Nick Lowe
A4 Produced by Gary Brooker
A5 and A6 Produced by Jona Lewie
A7 Produced by Ian Dury
B1 Produced by Peter Solley
B2 and B3 Produced by Liam Sternberg
B4 Produced by Current Trends
B5 A Stateless Production for Oval
B6 and B7 Produced by Schwarz/Andrews/Bechirian

Additional Credits

A1-A2: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll 7", 1977
A3: From Juppanese LP, 1978
A4: Previously unreleased
A5: B-Side of The Baby, She's On The Street 7", 1978
A6: From On The Other Hand There's A Fist LP, 1978
A7: B-Side of Whole Wide World 7", 1977
B1: From The Wonderful World Of Wreckless Eric LP, 1978
B2: Previously unreleased
B3: From Fool Around LP, 1978
B4: Previously unreleased
B5: From Stateless LP, 1978
B6-B7: From Frogs Sprouts Clogs And Krauts LP, 1978

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Various - Stiff Sounds - Can't Start Dancin' - UK LP 1978 (Stiff/Sounds - SOUNDS 3)Various - Stiff Sounds - Can't Start Dancin' - UK LP 1978 (Stiff/Sounds - SOUNDS 3)

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