Various - Strithar Og Nitter

Various - Strithar Og Nitter

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Denmark Tape 1983 (Boston Tea Party - Ho Ho 2)

A1 Deformed - Certified Dead
A2 Deformed - Total Destruction
A3 Deformed - Graveside
A4 Deformed - Dead Flowers
A5 Svea Svin - Kalle 72
A6 Svea Svin - Storebror
A7 Svea Svin - För Mänsklighetens Bästa?
A8 Svea Svin - Sexuellt Anor Lunda
A9 Septic Psychos - Not Wanted
A10 Septic Psychos - Get That Band Off This Stage
A11 Septic Psychos - Kill The Bill
A12 Septic Psychos - The Thatcher
B1 Terveet Kädet - T.Tuho
B2 Terveet Kädet - Pissaa & Paskaa
B3 Terveet Kädet - Onnellisia Tytken Töjä
B4 Terveet Kädet - Musta Jumaa
B5 Terveet Kädet - Outo Maa
B6 Terveet Kädet - Haiselijat
B7 Terveet Kädet - Tornion Kevät
B8 Terveet Kädet - Utopia
B9 Enola Gay - Systemets Vold
B10 Enola Gay - Gammel
B11 Enola Gay - Flere Bomber
B12 Enola Gay - Syndebuk
B13 Xtract - Troops Of Fear
B14 Xtract - Insanity Living
B15 Xtract - (This Is Not) The Land Of Hope & Glory
B16 Xtract - Blame It On The Youth
B17 Bullshot Babies - A Great Hit

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