Various - Trash On Delivery

Various - Trash On Delivery

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UK LP 1983 (Flicknife - SHARP 011)

A1 The Babysitters - Everybody Loves You
A2 The Genocides - Private Hell
A3 The London Cowboys - Let's Get Crazy
A4 Marionette - My Baby Sucks Real Bad
A5 Bad Detective - Favourite Record
A6 The Barracudas - You Gonna Miss Me
B1 Marionette - Too Far Gone
B2 Dogs D'Amour - Teenage
B3 Suffragette - Do You Want My Love
B4 Garrie J. Lammin - I Heard The Devil
B5 Nikki Sudden & The Bible Belt - Waiting For The Seige
B6 The Babysitters - Livin' Out Rock 'N' Roll

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Sleeve by: Ray Zell/Frenchy
Compiled by: Frenchy Gloder
Thanks to all the bands, Ray Zell, Gina.

Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #13, APRIL 1984: The A-side contains bands which all, more or less, owe their chops to the NEW YORK DOLLS/HEARTBREAKERS school of rock 'n' roll (except the BARRACUDAS). There are groups like the BAD DETECTIVES (a DOLLS song) and the BABYSITTERS (HEARTBREAKERS?), and songs like GENOCIDE'S "Private Hell", which can be compared to the DOLLS" "Private World". The B-side slips into more mundane Rock, and isn't at all memorable save for the re-emergence of former SWELL MAP Nikki Sudden.

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Various - Trash On Delivery - UK LP 1983 (Flicknife - SHARP 011)Various - Trash On Delivery - UK LP 1983 (Flicknife - SHARP 011)

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