Various - ...A Trip To The Dentist

Various - ...A Trip To The Dentist

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UK LP 1980 (Skeleton - SKLLP 1)

1 Geisha Girls - Doctor
2 Afraid Of Mice - I'm Not A Fighter
3 Attempted Moustache - No Way Out
4 Walking Boys - Don't Worry
5 Luminous Beings - Myself And My Heroes
6 Relations - One More Record
7 Stopouts - Just For You And Me
8 Wayne Hussey - And The Dance Goes On
9 Luminous Beings - T.V. Can Kill
10 Afraid Of Mice - Trans-parents
11 Walking Boys - Leave You Alone
12 Zorkie Twins - Little Arthur
13 Upsets - I Don't Know Why
14 Luminous Beings - Shadows Of Giants
15 Windows - When The Music's Over

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DIE OR D.I.Y. BLOGSPOT: I suppose this is a local band from Birkenhead compilation masquerading as a Skeleton Records promo disc.Lots of suitably melodic power pop and New Wave, from a bunch of scallies living under the dark shadow of Gerry and the Pacemakers;whom i had the pleasure of witnessing supporting Ken Dodd at the Skegness pier theatre in 1974.....the next band I saw was Suicide at Leicester Granby Halls in 1978,supporting the Clash.Now,.... Suicide supporting Ken Dodd would be something? I'd pay plenty dollah to see that, if only the main protagonists weren't very dead! Only Martin Rev survives from that fantasy double bill from the right kind of Hell.

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Various - ...A Trip To The Dentist - UK LP 1980 (Skeleton - SKLLP 1)Various - ...A Trip To The Dentist - UK LP 1980 (Skeleton - SKLLP 1)


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