Various - Two Ninety Nine!

Two Ninety Nine!

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UK LP 1984 (Rot - ASS 10)

A1 Animal Farm - Model Soldier
A2 Killroy - Red Alert
A3 Naked Prey - Bone Orchard
A4 Mania - We Don't Need You
A5 Clampdown - Use Your Brain
A6 Sick Vicars - Zombie Nation
A7 Radio Nine - Desperation Time
A8 Patrol - Don't Criticise
A9 Enemy - Last But Not Least (Live)
B1 Patrol - S.S. Officer
B2 Clampdown - Murder And Maim
B3 Resistance 77 - Russia
B4 Those Obnoxious Types - I'm Glad I'm Sick
B5 Radio Nine - Where Are They Now?
B6 Mania - Shoulder To Shoulder
B7 Naked Prey - Call Of The Reaper
B8 Sick Vicars - Shattered Mirror
B9 Paranoia - Dead Mans Dreams

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